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Winter-Spring 2010 End of series thougts

July 10, 2010 1 comment

So actually been writing this for the past two weeks, but finally getting around to finishing it, what with the Summer season ALREADY airing.  Why did it take me so long, that’s because I picked up a good bunch of games off a steam sale (I hate you steam!) so I’ve been playing them a lot and not watching or reading.  Maybe I’ll add pictures later for this artical later, if you know, I’m not lazy.

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Spring 2010 Anime Guide

May 9, 2010 1 comment

So a pretty good season lined up for spring 2010 anime.  So lets cut the chit-chat and get to the chase shall we (ya I’m not much in the mode to yammer on really).  Oh, a few notes.  The reason why I wait for four episodes is because I feel it’s the best way to see what kind of direction a show is going to take and how well the animation may or may not stand up over the season (kind of, it’s still a bit iffy on that part).  This is also inherited from the old single DVD release format were there was at most four episodes a disc (ahh, old times, old times).  One more disclaimer.  This is mostly written from opinion and more then likely there will be things you (the reader, ya you) will disagree with.  A good example for this season is B Gata H Kei, and Mayoi Neko Overrun.  BH after four episodes is pretty much a more raunchy romantic comedy then people would be use too but after four episodes it’s pretty apparent that it’s just a normal romantic comedy at it’s base.  Mayoi Neko Overrun on the other hand brings very little new for me that I haven’t seen a hundred times (exaggeration) before and done better, although that ping pong match in episode four was pretty well done.  As for Kiss X Sis… the less said on my part the better I think (goes to corner and starts mumbling to himself).  Wow, I didn’t cut the chit-chat at all did I.  Oh well, I do that sometimes.  Well on to the guide proper shall we.

NOTE: I’m too lazy to write something for UraBoku right now and to elaborate on the points I have for the show.  I’ll update it later.

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Spring 2010 Anime Preview thoughts

March 26, 2010 Leave a comment

So  I’ve been working on collecting info on the up coming season starting about four weeks ago… then forgot about it after gathering information on two shows.  Once again I’m blaming Clear Sky for sucking away a good chunk of time. That game is addictive, and also burning through four+ Gundam shows for the past two months didn’t help.  Anyways might as well get this out the door before Sunday. Read more…

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