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Touhou/Sekken-ya – Sakkyun Light

February 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Some more Sekken-ya for your enjoyment.

Personally judging form the lyrics, half of it sounds like it’s meant for Alice but eh, what ever.  Sakkyun is the nickname for Sakuya so I won’t argue against it.

Another video using the song after the break…

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Touhou/Sekken-ya – Mystic Oriental Dream ~the maximum moving about~

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

The 3D models used are not that bad but the animation does suck.

This weeks music is Sekken-ya’s Mystic Oriental Dream ~the maximum moving about~ from the similar titled CD 東方不可拘束~the maximum moving about!~.  Full length song after the break.

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Touhou/Sekken-ya – … Tewi! ~Eientewi ver~

This weeks Touhou video is ってゐ!~えいえんてゐVer~ (…Tewi! ~Eientewi ver~) from 石鹸屋 (Sekken-ya) off of their 石鹸屋のお歳暮 2 CD.  A little un-safe for work (cute bunny butt).

Lyrics for … Tewi! ~Eientewi ver~ so you can know what the dialog is in the video.

I do like my guitar and drums in my music.

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