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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 23 Edit notes


Sorry for the delay.  Zero Raws have been sucking for the a while.  Can’t keep to one source type.  Started with 1280×720 MBS, then had to switch to the D-MBS 1440×810, now I’m back too 1280×720 MBS.  Plus I beat Mass Effect 2 on Monday and was feeling the post game completion blues Tuesday.  Anyway.  Gold Qwaser possessed Tomo fights Sasha and company for the Theotokos of Tsarytsin.   Mafuyu has some panties on so she’s not completely naked but still spends most of the time in zoom or off shot.  Gold Qwaser pulls bullshit and levitates rocks as projectiles and turns copper into gold taking over Katja’s Anastasia (the copper puppet).  In the end Sasha expels the Gold Qwaser from Tomo, Gold Qwaser takes over Anastasia, then is expelled and trapped by Anastasia and destroyed by Sasha and Mafuyu slicing together with Sasha’s scythe.  And everyone goes home happy.  I have to admit watching Tomo and Sasha’s fight was amusing with Tomo’s breasts unbound by any under garments bouncing around like they were, but it’s more like watching the fly buzzing around you doing zig-zags type of amusing observation kind of thing.  Well one more episode too go.  Probably going to be boring, although there looks to be quiet the collection of breast pumps in the preview, not like we’ll get to see them. Read more…

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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 22 Edit notes

It's a volcanic eruption of breast milk!

Sorry for the delay.  Was hoping that Zero-raws would put out a D-MBS 1440×810 version, which is the version I had been using for a good chuck of these entries, but they never did.  So I had to make due with the MBS 1280×720 this time.  That and I’ve finally started playing Mass Effect 2.  Anyways some fun edits this week, which is nice, was kind of getting bored with the past two episodes.  So this is the episode with the fight between Sasha and the other Athos Qwasers against the Tanner brothers and the other Adapts, although they back off half way through the fight when Friederich magic backfires and turns the two Tanners into some kind of flesh blob monster that morphs into a giant two headed eagle monster thing with laser beams shooting from the mouths.  Hana talks Katja back to working in Athos’s interests, Lizzy and Teresa reappears along with a cameo of Sheman feeling something in her breasts along with Oikawa, the school nurse/Athos agent, when Katja sucks out quite a bit of milk from Mafuyu.  And some how Lizzy, Katja and Sasha, with support from Tasuku, combine powers to launch Sasha like a cannon ball at the Tanner/blob/two headed eagle thing some how.  Oh and it seems like Mafuyu is going to spend the rest of the episodes until the epilogue part naked.  On to the notes shall we?  Kind of got lazy spotting all the little hard to see edits so there aren’t as many as last couple of episodes.  Anyways the fun ones were easy.

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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 21 Edit notes

June 1, 2010 1 comment

Rip... BOOM!

Yay, some fun edits finally.  Anyways quite a bit happens in this episode.  Sasha and Mafuyu go to check out Tomo’s father’s old house were Mafuyu has a dream were she is assaulted by tentacles.  Mafuyu is abducted by Frederich disguised as Tomo.  Taisuku and Mutsumi confront Jita and Milk and get beaten but not badly.  And towards the end it’s reveled that Katja is now working for the Adapts and that Mafuyu, with her half of Swords Maria, is the key to reveling the resting place of Theotokos in the lake.  Well three more episodes to go.

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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 19 Edit notes

Now time for Yuri Theater

Sorry for the delay.  The first version of episode 19 I got had bad audio and so didn’t get to watch Qwaser Sunday night.  A lot of zoom this episode so screen caps are going to be few and far between this time around, sorry.  In this episode Taisuku and Matsumi finish off their “greetings” for Sasha and Mafuyu.  Mafuyu remembers the time she goes down on Tomo (seriously that’s what the flashback looks like).  Tomo meanwhile wakes up with Jita, Joshua (who shows up later) sucking on her breasts.  Oh, also she’s in the Adapts castle/home base after being kidnapped.  She runs around with a little girl named Asta (or it could be Asuta. the u is silent, like Asuka, or it could be Astarte) but turns out she’s actual someone named Kyoko (I’m not too sure about this, and wiki/ANN/MAL doesn’t have anything on this character).  And someone sent Sasha and Mafuyu a tape of Tomo playing with Asta and her dog and in general being her ditsy self.

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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 18 Edit notes

It almost looks like a flower huh?

Taisuku Fujiomi and Matsumi Sednou, his maria, finally make a appearance after their first appearance in episode 14. It seems like fighting the resident Qwaser is their way of saying “hello” like Katja in episode 4 and Lizzy on several occasions.  Anyways everyone is regrouping after last episode with Tomo being abducted and Otari dieing and such.  A new evil Qwaser has infiltrated the school (again) to make life interesting.  Matsumi is reveled to be Sasha’s former Maria, and that evil Qwaser gave some boy the power to grope girls from out of sight with magic hands, which he uses on the student council president, who I thought it was Miyuri who was the student council president.  Was a bit wrong on that assumption.  Also that “Sword’s Maria” thing manifests in Mafuyu (with shiny lights and exploding clothing) when Matsumi starts… umm… playing with her…  The episode was pretty tame till half way through then they do as many edits as they normal do for an episode (some where around 50 plus/minus).

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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 17 Edit notes


Yo… got most of the Spring 2010 Anime Guide done but need to work a little bit more on it.  Anyway a little late on Oppai no Qwaser, kind of got burnt out after watching 17+ shows for four weeks.  I’ll normalize in a week or two, kind of helps I don’t need to watch any more Kiss X Sis (TV)… (shivers).  So this weeks episode concludes the fight between Otori and Sasha and Otori dies, The Qwaser of Gold posses Tomo and teleports away at the end of the episode.  Some other nonsense goes on but my Japanese sucks.  All that I could figure out is that Gold tries to unlock something called Swords of Maria but is interrupted and some how Mafuyu gets half of it as well,  I’m assuming it’s what the shot from 2036 is suppose to suggest.  Most of the edits this week are zooms so tried taking screen caps with Media Player Classic/CCCP since VLC sucks at screencaping.  Hopefully the screencaps of zoom shots come out okay.

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Yousei Teikoku – Baptize

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

So to kind of make up for a boring episode 16 and for those who aren’t watch the show here’s the music video for the second OP Baptize, performed by Yousei Teikoku.

[Insert Youtube video of Yousei Teikoku – Baptize]

See, told you the song was pretty good.  The video is a little on the boring side visually for me, but has more going for it then the music video for Kalafina’s sprinter, which is really boring for such an awesome song.  Also as a side note, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard Yousei Teikoku.  They performed “Irodori no Nai Sekai” for Kurokami (Black God), and off of that single is “Destrudo” which isn’t half bad.

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