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MAD Touaru Kagaku no Railgun x Touhou Project

So following Mangajet on twitter and today he (or they, she, it) posted this MAD cross over of Railgun’s second opening and Touhou Project, specifically the meme Yukkuri, the gaint misshaped heads of characters.

There’s a comparison video on nico nico douga that you can watch on Mangajet’s web site here.

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MAD – Strike Witches/Erika (NSFW)

April 30, 2010 2 comments

Last week I watched Strike Witches with some friends and remembered about this neat MAD I had run across on youtube.  Couple of days later found it again and I felt like sharing it with every one.  Now as with all things related to Strike Witches, it isn’t exactly safe for work so don’t press play if your at work, maybe…

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