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Fall 2010 Anime Season Guide

November 12, 2010 2 comments

Ya, been kind of dragging my feet on getting this done.  Got frustrated trying to write a synapse for the two squeals that weren’t a complete rehash of the first season so I’m going to skip that this time around.  Also decided to re-implement my old ranking system.  It uses A, for shows that have wide appeal across most audiences (or at least those who are willing to give it a chance), B, for general appeal, i.e. something that general is liked but one or two things are kind detract it from being a smashing successes, and C, small appeal, or every show has it’s fans, just this one has a lot less then the others, and L for what ever doesn’t fit in there (and Panty & Stocking wins this one this season)(by the by L stands for “out of Left field”).  This system is more intended for most of my friends but then again my taste tend to fall in the middle of the road for most people so hopefully it works (it’s pretty vague so it should).  One thing I should point out, it’s not a letter grade for how good the show actually is (or at least most of the time) but how I perceive it would pass over for most viewers (of anime that is), and that falls under the matter of opinion as much of the rest of this guide is.  A show with a C grade will have it’s audience and a show with an A grade won’t please everyone but it should give you a general idea of how it will preform.

Next season I’m going to do it in blocks I.E. Block 1- Panty & Stalking, World God Only Knows, Zokuro, (Shows airing Oct. 1-7) Block 2 – Squid Girl, Arakawa, SoreDemo, Jellyfish, (Shows airing Oct. 8-14) and if necessary Block 3.  Currently it takes me too long and such to get this done and and it’s a bit hard for me to do this in mass by myself (oh how I hate writing and having my own self imposed deadlines).  Anyways, I hope you find this useful.  I post my notes later and add pictures (I just want this done now).  All times are given in Mountain domestic time (it’s the time zone I live in) and should also be adjusted for Daylight savings time (since I’m posting after it).

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