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Touhou/circle-鉄腕トカゲ探知機/白トカゲ – 月世界戦士

Sorry about all the Japanese, but this is so under everyone’s radar no one has translated the titles, so going to have to make due with Google translate and my crappy understanding of Japanese.  Google translate spits out the circle name as “Astro lizards detector” and I think the one who’s doing the vocals is romanized as Shiro Takage.  And since I’m going to be too lazy to look up the kanji for the song title, Google spits out Moon Warriors, which works for me.

“Moon Warriors” is off Shiro Takage’s/Astro Lizards Detector 月光ナッツ CD, and considering what I’m hearing from them, expect me to post more:)

Funny note: I was double checking Google on the translation and decided to back trace the the first two kanji which were giving me a hard time so I imputed “astro” into the field.  It spits out 鉄腕アトム, or tetswan atomu, better known in the US as Astro Boy.  In short, I’ve confirmed Google’s translation.