Summer 2010 Notes

Sorry about never doing a proper Summer guide but with me playing too much Hearts of Iron II, hard drive dieing, playing more Hearts of Iron II after fixing hard drive and just being lazy, I just never got around to it but some half hearted attempts.  But I need to do something with these notes so I’m going to go ahead and post them so I can continue on to the Fall season and also to watch Shiki (I’ve been stuck on episode 3 for ever because it was the last episode to watch for the guide but never got around to it)

Anyways, my notes on the first three to four episodes (minor swearing ahead)

High School of the Dead

  • Licensed by Sentai Filmworks/Section23
  • Streaming on The Anime Network (TAN), first two episodes free for registered users, everything else will be subscription.
  • Studio Madhouse
  • Eps 1
  • Kishida Kyodan & Akebosi Rockets performing the OP, FUCK YA!!!  Good ED as well
  • Great animation and camera work, CAMERA WORK in an anime! Hope they keep it up
  • Boobs a little over bored but I guess they wanted it to contrast with the gore
  • God, it’s like watching Zambie Survival guide set in Japan with over side tits.
  • (note the gun that has a close up is an AR-10)
  • Eps 4
  • Hehe, I should be takeing notes, should I
  • The fucker is a bloody snake 0807
  • Nice touch with the different songs for EDs, going to be a bitch to get them all though


  • Licensed by FUNimation
  • Streaming on FUNimation video portal Thursdays? 12:30
  • Noitamina show
  • Eps 1
  • When was it a Noitamina Show?
  • That was a pretty interesting intro
  • Megumi is more interested in the fast that Yuuki moved from the big city
  • 0555 that cop has big fing eyes
  • Not that bad so far second (commercial)
  • Megumi’s imaginary residents of the western styled (castle) is laughable 1259
  • Not bad, not bad at all, I think I made a good call on this one, the animation is better than I expected (how did I not know it was Noitamina)
  • Kind of sad that Megumi died, but considering the show and the title, I don’t think she’s going to stay dead
  • The character designs can be out of sync, mainly the background characters look really normal while the characters with actual dialog tend to be skinny (think Yoshiyuki Sadameto’s art)
  • Eps 2
  • Wow, jumping to epidemic, that takes balls, big ones
  • Character designs can be a little ideicentic, but great animation, a few short cuts here and there
  • Still hoping for Megumi to come back from the grave, and it feels like it might happen


  • Animation by J.C. Staff
  • Not bad the animation is average, art is J.C. Staffs impeccable moe type
  • I do have problems with Ookami’s character, particially in episode two where they break her down to a little girl acting tough and building up Morino.  I see this as a badly veiled attempt to make her fit the whole moe/tsundere mold and pisses me off.  A girl can be incredible strong and still have a soft side to her but doesn’t have to be sniveling brat on the inside.
  • Other then my problems with how her character is shoe-horned into her archetype for the moe craving masses and the narrator, the show isn’t half bad if a bit mediocre.
  • Licensed by FUNimation, new episodes similcasted Wednesdays at noon.
  • Eps 1
  • Not bad, but doesn’t stand out like Toradora or Index/Railgun did.
  • A bit lighter show then past ones, mainly it’s the narrator, who I hope is phased out as the show progresses.
  • Music is okay.
  • Had a fun twist on Cinderella, with the kicks too the face.
  • Eps 2
  • It’s official the narrator is getting on my nerves, mainly when characters are talking and she speaks it’s irritating to read two lines at the same time
  • But she was doing just fine the first episode without stun-nuckles1738
  • So they spent the whole first episode building up Ookami-san and tearing down Morino, only to switch them in episode 2
  • Eps 3
  • I’m liking the preface to the episode, expect for the narrator.  0046
  • That is a rather unique way (or not used often) to bleep words 1346
  • Crap, plaid pants 1631
  • Is it me or does Maho look like she’s drooling? 1700
  • Man, Ringo’s face looks weird 1910
  • I do like Ringo’s “avatar” 1914
  • That was nice moral lesson
  • Eps 4
  • The apples are even cut like rabbits
  • I’m calling it at 0727 that Morino’s aunt just so happens to be Ookami’s favorite writer (confimed 0734)
  • What’s funny is seeing Maho without her glasses


Now licensed by Crunchyroll

  • Eps 1
  • Is there a law in Japan requiring all females to wear a skirt that’s higher than their knees?
  • Nice character introduction 0303
  • So is that why the pages are glowing pink? 1016
  • Well that was more enjoyable then expected
  • The humor, if a bit on the perverted side and a bit extreme, balances out the character designs and other factors that do not ender to me.
  • Eps 2
  • That’s how my sister takes care of her Kleenex 0258
  • The main thing that’s going for this show is how extreme the comedy is.
  • Eps 3
  • Nice, dead drop decoy 0703
  • Nifty, a younger perverted Sawako (Kimi ni Todake)
  • What the heck is there home life like if they are all porn obsessed?
  • I’m thinking, due to the character designs, any fetishes just don’t work for me.
  • I’m liking the Dad’s character design and animation.
  • Eps 4
  • Dude, that is kind of impressive 0206
  • Ohh, I am LOLing almost on the floor during the first segment, the corners of my mouth hurt now (yes I don’t smile too offten)
  • That they are (it makes the show fun) 0636
  • Those are some small nipples to be coverd up by tacks, or maybe they are large tacks?
  • You all are bit too young to be doing that 1359
  • It’s like hacky sack, but with panties
  • DEATH 1658
  • Something to point out, they don’t play up the relationship between the nursing teacher and the main teacher

Amagami SS

  • Eps 1
  • Did he become a major chick magnet sometime between the start and 1019
  • Ehh, brother complex maybe? 1809, as long as it’s not a plotline I’m 5×5 with it.
  • I do like the art, animation is average but with the detail in the art (mainly the hair and facial expressions) the animation is above average.  I’m a sucker for good hair.
  • Eps 2
  • Umm, why is the sister denying about her brother too “bread girl”?
  • She’s like Haruhi without the crazy 1022
  • Oh man that’s a pretty overt way of passing notes
  • “Okie dokie”, I don’t think I’ve heard that in an anime before 1523
  • How nice of her to pick up his blazer, fold and put it on the table 2158
  • Eps 3
  • Dude, when I see the well house, I think love shack 0750
  • That is an amusing train of thought, but I’ve never been licked on the inside of my knee by dog.
  • Oh man, PSA
  • Oh man I would be turning myself away from those two at this point 2035
  • For me, I’m not dying to watch the next episode, and in fact, I avoid the show, however when I do watch the show I do enjoy it.

Occult Acadamy

Licensed by Crunchyroll
Streaming, new episodes Monday
Animation by A-1 part of the Anime no Chikara block

  • Eps 1
  • Her mouth looks like a rodents 2419
  • Oh god, you can see everything from the shadow! 2152
  • Thumbs up
  • Good animation and art, fun story
  • Eps 2
  • Umm is it me or are those the tripods from “War of the Worlds”? 0711
  • And back to using the King of terror, ehh 0808
  • Wait… didn’t that spoon bending kid say his name was Fumiaki 1108
  • Wow, he sucks at dodging, everything she threw at him landed 1123
  • Her mouth is awesome 1254
  • Very Tsundere
  • Eps 3
  • The main character has such a masculine face, it’s mostly her glare.
  • Was that the ancient plane (the one from Central/South America?)
  • And then a crystal skull 0415
  • It’s fun how the vice-principle drops into cute talk 0544
  • That was a nice scene, great comedic effect 0619
  • That did take a bit to make 1024
  • Wasn’t he playing with a toy car just like that Porsche
  • A clear show of male ego 2002
  • Eps 4
  • The eyes are a little weird 0029
  • I am liking the OP
  • Hmmm, I think ten years ago I was also kind of entersted in the occult.  Not so much now, too many doomsday probiphces make me depressed.
  • That was a nice touch with the animation in the Abe’s expresion transition
  • Umm… if that stone slab was in place what gives you the idea that a single person went in? 0550
  • How fitting 0723
  • That was a most impressive wipe out I’ve seen in some time 0746
  • It’s pretty well lit for a cave 0815
  • Need to check character desginer, reminds me of Azuma of Azumanga and Yotsuba&
  • Nice touch with the sound effect 1130
  • Umm… wouldn’t the be smelling it from where they were? 1206
  • “Look out for that tree!” 1808
  • Oh yippy, another person thinking with his lower brain

Strike Witches 2

  • Licensed by Crunchyroll
  • Streaming, new episodes Wednesday
  • AIC
  • Eps 1
  • Why would you make the Yamato the flagship when air power is the name of the game.
  • And for that matter why would Mi-chan, main’s firend, know the specs of it?
  • Can’t say if the animation is better or not yet, need to see more.
  • Eps 2
  • Oh yippy, episode recaps
  • So that scene from the first episode was the money shot in episode 2.  (money shot in more than one way if you ask me)
  • Eps 3
  • Normally it’s the enlisted persons job to drive the officer.  0300
  • Hmmm… I was under the impression that only the young could use magic 0540
  • Now that is training mission! 0613
  • That was the fastest unlearning I’ve seen 1321
  • So it’s just flying off of the cost shooting up the ocean? 1818
  • I did wounded if the brooms on the 501st unit patch were there because the witches are thought to ride brooms or that witches in the shows back story did in fact ride brooms, well now I know.
  • Eps 4
  • In reality the Me-262 had something like a 50mph speed advantage over the P-51.  Looked it up it was considerably faster at 559mph while the P-51D had a top speed of 437mph
  • Up and down up and down, 1335

Seitokai Yakuindomo

  • Animation production by GoHands (all of it it seems, maybe trying to break away from outsourcing?)
  • Animation is average or so, good art.  Story is based on a 4-koma, the first episode clearly shows this, but slows down after and expands episode content (maybe, haven’t read the original manga).
  • Most of the humor is on the perverted side but is nowhere near the level of B Gata H Kei
  • Not much in terms of fan-service (a good thing in my opinion)
  • All in all, a pretty enjoyable light show with some average but good elements.
  • Eps 1
  • I’m starting to get the vibes that this may be a male version of Maid-sama, minus the maids
  • Ummm…. Why are they showing the “important places” for lovers? 1018
  • Lol, nice sexual innuendo jokes all around
  • Animation is average, art is good.  It’s defiantly based on a 4-koma and quickly switches topics,
  • It’s very much like Maid-sama’s school parts with the genders switched.
  • Eps 2
  • Foresight tells me this scene the girl is going to ask something dirty 0217
  • Ehh, I was half right, ohh, she was ask about a Judo team 0411
  • Did she just say “perapera” for English? 0629
  • Eps 3
  • Tanuki have great big balls
  • So, umm… what does the photo girl do with the pictures she takes?
  • “Pera pera”
  • Oh man,  2139
  • Eps 4
  • That would create more problems than solve 1135
  • How odd that it’s raining in the show, and has been raining here in RL

Asobi ni Ikuyo

  • AIC Plus
  • Streaming on Crunchyroll Wednesday
  • Eps 1
  • Ohh, a M-9 SMG
  • Where those FN 5.7s? 0330
  • Man is that kid a feather weight
  • I’ve heard that A&W is pretty popular in Okinawa but not in main islands.1541
  • Did she just name her computer HAL i.e. HAL 9000 for 2001
  • So I think it’s safe to assume that the organization the teacher reports too wants’ an “ideal” first contact where aliens act alien.
  • Man that driver would be deaf with a SW M500 going off next to his ear 2100
  • Man they really did shove it down your thought that it’s set in Okinawa
  • Animation is good, art is too, a bit on the fan service side
  • Eps 2
  • I didn’t take notes did I?
  • I do wonder what happened to the helicopter that got shot
  • Also kind of funny how every one pretty much says “fuck it, why not” and works together.
  • Oh ya, that’s right, MY HARD DRIVE DIED.
  • Eps 3
  • Pooh, sphere didn’t keep with the kind of rock style for this OP
  • Ummm…. Why the fuck are they wearing old-school school swim suits?
  • I thought that was one of possibility but I was leaning more towards “it’s hot” explanation.
  • Hmm… I wonder what the two earth girls are going to do (my thought: move in with the guy)
  • Great, magic transformation in front of the guy
  • Called it
  • Cool, someone with an eye patch
  • And they are stuck there, can’t even cross the street.  That’s a one up in the harem column.
  • That glass doesn’t look like the normal art
  • So they took the time to put on helmets but not panties
  • I was thinking that was how it was going to turn out, the two girls running security
  • “Jack”’s Japanese is fun
  • What the heck is with “JACK’s” name
  • So is the “Ojousama” a Cat?
  • Eps 4
  • Do they really need a narrated recap?
  • Ummm… how are they making the tails move? 0219
  • Hmm. Guess ojou-sama isn’t a cat
  • Dancing ehh… with maracas?
  • Kind of blunt about her going into heat 0741
  • Haven’t heard of Nakano Broadway before, otaku hot spot?  1209
  • I’ve seen that manga on 1212
  • The poster looks like it’s for Kamisama something something, the cosplay is Loius and Eris(?) from Zero’s Familiar and Scared Blacksmith
  • These shops look pretty big for Japan
  • And more Sacred Blacksmith cosplay, didn’t manglobe do it? 1429
  • Glock 18C? it’s firing in bursts, although I wouldn’t be on burst if I was trying to shot guns out of hands while flipping around.  But then again I also wouldn’t be shoting to disarm would I?
  • As in Chou Yen Fet?1952
  • What’s with Japan and making long ass western names up?

Legend of Legendary Heroes

  • Simicasted by FUNimation on Fridays at 12
  • Animation production by ZEXCS
  • Good animation and art, average story but above average writing which makes up for it.
  • For a show with such a redundant name, it’s actually not half bad.
  • Eps 1
  • Not bad, it’s always fun when shows/movies break the 4th wall 0425
  • Much better than I expected
  • Animation is good, art is good, if falling in the old school armor designs ala Slayers and Record of Lodoss war.
  • Eps 2
  • I’m liking this main character 0544
  • What a great henchman 1727
  • Dammit, cliff hanger
  • Eps 3
  • For a show that has such a redundant name, it’s not half bad.
  • Eps 4
  • Forth wall again… sound effects written in air, oh wait those are hash marks for how long he’s been in
  • Nice meta joke at the end where he has an exaggerated jump 2212
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