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Touhou/Silver Forest – acid knife generator

acid knife generator from the circle Silver Forest off there CD 聖少女サクリファイス (Sacred Girl’s Sacrifice)

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Touhou/ As/Hi – Black & White Wings

I’m really liking the 80’s rock balled sound As/Hi has.  The song comes from As/Hi’s Fantaisie Orientale CD which was released at Comiket 76 (sorry no translation).

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Touhou/SOUND HOLIC – 甦生せよ宵の国へ

甦生せよ宵の国へ from SOUND HOLIC’s CD 風 -KAZE- featuring A~YA who is the primarily the singer for their side circle SWING HOLIC, which as the name implies does jazz/swing arrangements of Touhou music.  I’ve been meaning to post some stuff from them but haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Next time perhaps?

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Touhou/ユウノウミ – 熱愛臨界メルトダウン

April 17, 2011 Leave a comment

熱愛臨界メルトダウン or Adoration Criticality Meltdown by the circle ユウノウミ (rendered as younoumi) which is a side circle of IOSYS form the CD 東方ラブストリーム .  Vocals are provide by 藤枝あかね (I’m terrible at names so I’m leaving it at that, other then part あかね is Akane).  It’s kind of interesting finding her singing like this when she is mostly involved with gag songs in IOSYS like Okuu’s Nuclear Fusion Dojo.

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Touhou/IOSYS – Public Holdings Firm Border Inc. Company Song – Special Power to Manipulate Virtue and Decadence –

Original title is 株式会社ボーダー商事・社歌 – 仁と侠を操る程度の能力 –  (Public Holdings Firm Border Inc. Company Song – Special Power to Manipulate Virtue and Decadence -) from the CD 東方想幽森雛, which is a remix of 株式会社ボーダー商事・社歌 (Public Holdings Firm Border Inc. Company Song) from 東方萃翠酒酔 CD.  Personally I prefer the Special Power to Manipulate Virtue and Decadence as you can see, since I posted that first.  Regular version after the break.

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Touhou/Yellow Zebra – Ayakaze

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment

I guess I just have a thing for 風神少女 (Little wind girl), considering how many songs I’ve liked that have rearranged that song. (Morning Star Rocket & The Highest Fastest Shutter Girl)

The song’s proper title is 彩風 -Ayakaze- from Yellow Zebra’s CD (いえろ~ぜぶら) 東方スプラッシュ!.

Yellow Zebra also does the M-1 Grand Prix if you are familiar with that.  Funny stuff even though it’s Manzai stand up routines.

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Touhou/IOSYS – Purple Rain UNITED: Alice’s Unbelievable Assault

So back to IOSYS.

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