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Winter 2011 Anime Season thoughts

Uaagghh… Finaly finished my thoughts on the Winter season that’s about to start.  My computer doesn’t like me and having my PSP glued to my hand for the past two weeks didn’t help.  I’ll add pictures when I get Photoshop installed (again).  Anyways my thoughts on the upcoming season.  Nothing I’m particularly super excited about, but some decent stuff here and there.  I’ll add what’s going to in which block when the shows start up.

Beelzebub [MAL] [ANN]

Ehh… not too enthusiastic about what I’ve seen of this.  It could be funny but it sounds a bit mindless to me and the art reminds me of the atypical shonen manga.  Animation production is by Studio Pierrot which does alright but isn’t one of the studios I associate with great animation.

Dragon Crisis [MAL] [ANN]

A weak sounding magical moe show.  Or at least that’s my impression of it from reading about it.

Fractale [MAL] [ANN]

Hopefully we won’t see A-1 drop the ball with animation like they did Togainu no Chi this Fall season.  Other wise it sounds like a decent relaxing show.

Freezing [MAL] [ANN]

Judging from what little art I’ve seen it looks like another exploding clothing show ala Ikki Tousen and Tengo Tenge but what I’m reading in the synapse suggests something a little more then that (but then again synapses can be misleading).  All in all it doesn’t sound too promising but it could turn out decent.

Gosick [MAL] [ANN]

Hmm… Studio BONES does pretty good stuff so as always that scores it a few points off the bat.  Beyond that I don’t have much of a opinion about it but it should be decent show.  (Wait, is that a pipe she has in her hand?  That’s a bit odd.  She is suppose to be as good/greater then Sherlock Holmes.)

Haiyoru! Nyarlko: Remember my Love (Craft-Sensei) [MAL] [ANN]

Finally got around to watching the ONA and from what I saw it was pretty funny (in the zany funny sense).  I’m not going to expect the greatest comedy ever but I’m thinking it will be at least decent (Kind of like what I hopped for from Squid Girl, and that turned out well).

Houkago no Pleiades [MAL] [ANN]

Ehh… A collaborative project between Gainax and the car manufacture Subaru… ya… sounds kind of bad.  Will check it out but I’m not expecting anything really.

Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne—!! (I don’t like you at all, Big Brother!) [MAL] [ANN]

From what I’ve read about it it’s a more forward OreImo without the otaku references.  Depending on how far they actually go I might start clawing my eyes out like what happended in Kiss x Sis (shivers) but I doubt it’ll go that far (and hopefully I’m right in this case).

Infinite Stratos [MAL] [ANN]

Half of it sounds interesting but it still has the whole harem aspect lurking in the background which reminds me of Dual Parallel! (i.e. a harem show can be good if done right).  Still sounds better then some of the other shows this season.

Is this a Zombie? (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?) [MAL] [ANN]

Sounds like it could be fun, and it has a magical girl wielding a magical chain-saw.  Although I’m a little cautious to commit to it due to DEEN which hasn’t produced much quality recently but it could be not that bad.

Kimi ni Todake 2nd Season [MAL] [ANN]

So far one of the few shoujo titles I’ve enjoyed.  Glad to see it get a second season.  It got a little drawn out at the end of the first season but I still enjoyed it.  Plus it’s Production I.G., which is always nice.

Level E [MAL] [ANN]

Don’t know much about it other than it’s based on a manga by the same person as Hunter x Hunter and it has aliens.  If I had to guess it’s going to be one of those shows which you don’t really know what’s going on/absurd comedy, but that’s guessing.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [MAL] [ANN]

I won’t lie, this is the most anticipated show for me of this season, more so because of the team behind it.  Akiyuki Shinbo directing at Studio SHAFT, Gen Urobuchi (Nitro plus, wrote Phantom) writing, original character designs by Ume Aoki (Hidamari Sketch), soundtrack by Yuki Kajiuro, Kalafina performing the ending, oh, and ClariS performing the opening but at least for Oreimo’s OP, they aren’t really my kind of singers (a bit to pop for my taste), but it does makes sense to have them do the OP for this one.  As for the actual show, I don’t really know.  But for the most part it sounds a bit overly sweet but for this one I’m going to suspend my judgment till I actually see it but I’m thinking (or hopping) that it’s going to be a good one.

Yumekui Merry (Merry Dream Eater) [MAL] [ANN]

Tsundere loli characters tend to be a turn off for me but might as well try it.  Plus it was a little Touhou influence in it and the opening and ending by IOSYS.

Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! [MAL] [ANN]

First season was enjoyable enough, even with it’s quirks.  Will watch but it’s not for every one (odd art, “crude” humor)

Rio -Rainbow Gate!- [MAL] [ANN]

It’s based of a character from a pachiko line, so ya, not going to touch.

Starry☆Sky [MAL] [ANN]

No more bishonen, please…  Sorry…  Not going to touch it.

Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko)  [MAL] [ANN]

The next Noitamina anime show for this coming season.  Animation by AIC which does alright.  Story sounds inserting so I’m sold on it.  Will it be great… I don’t think so.  It will be a nice treat for those who enjoy good character interaction though is what I’m expecting.

Wolverine [MAL] [ANN]

I was rather unimpressed with Iron Man’s anime adaption and I already have been turned off by the pre-production art work for the Wolverine project so I’m not expecting anything.

Infinite Stratos

Is this a Zombie?

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