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Post Summer 2010 Anime Season Thoughts

Whoops, had this siting around for a week or so.  Anyway, here’s what I watched this past season and my thoughts on them.  I should also have my guide for the Fall season done by the end of this week or the beginning of the next or so.

Amagami SS

Status: Dropped

I liked the art but I could not stand the first girl and the sister.  (I wonder how many times I’ve pointed out that I have a younger sister who is not cute and the complete oppieset of the otaku dream “imouto”).  So dropped it after the third episode.  Now if I see an art book and have the forty dollars or what not to drop on it I might get it, but as for the show it’s just annoying.

Asobi ni Iku Yo!

Status: Completed

I kept watching for the fire arms and I actually had a silent cheer when they neutralized Elis’s mating season.  The show is amusing but I’d probably never watch it again, come to think of it, why did I keep watching?  All in all, a decent show but nothing ground breaking, but at least it didn’t grat on me lik Omamari Himari did.

Highschool of the Dead

Status: Completed

I’m kind of torn on this one.  On one hand it was nice seeing a zombie servior show with great attion paid to guns.  On the other hand it was completely over the top with fanservice.  In fact during episode six, if I remember correctly, I was far more interested in Kohta rambling about the M1A1, AR-10 and M37 then all the bathroom shots.  If anyone doesn’t believe me, watch me watch a movie like Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever and watch me ramble on about the guns used.


Status: Completed

Hmmm, I’m going to stand by my thought that it is basically a Japanese version of South Park, just a bit more detailed in anatomy to be exactly comfortable but I got over that.  B Gata H Kei was far more crude.  Not sure if I’d watch the second season but I might just because I do that.

Occult Academy

Status: Completed

With the disappointment of Night Raid, I wasn’t expecting much out of this show, but it turned out to be pretty good.  Although the final episode left me scratching my head (stupid time travel).


Status: Completed

Not bad, kind of picked up halfway through but not really.  For the most part it was still pretty bland except for a few episodes.  And why did they end it on a non ending episode.  Not like they full resolved the main story (if you could call it that).  And I still have issues with how they wrote Ryoko’s character (stupid tsundere mold).    In the end it mostly entertained me but never really made any impact other than some stupid characterization.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Status: Completed

This was a pretty relaxing show for me.  All in all it kept its self pretty well paced after the first episode and although the main gag is about sexual innuendo, I liked it.


Status: On-Hold

Stupid hard drive dyeing killed the show for me.  I’m going to try to get back to it but it’s a pain in the butt right now at the beginning of the Fall season.

Strike Witches 2

Status: Completed

Ehh, kind of more of the same except two episodes piqued my interest, the episode featuring the Me-262 and the later episode featuring the Shinden (of course that would get my attention).  Otherwise it was pretty much just like the original.

The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Status: Continuing

For a show with such a redundant name it’s pretty good.  A nice sense of humor decent animation and a nice bit of old fashioned fantasy story (or at least 80’s influenced fantasy.  hey was born in the 80’s so sue me).


Status: Completed (main series, two bonus episodes pending)

With how long the second series ran it felt to me that it lost its focus.  What I mean is for me the focus was music, not doing cute things.  If I wanted to watch something about cute girls doing cute things I could watch other shows (if I wanted too, shows that are solely about cute girls doing cute things don’t rate very high in my “to watch” list).    All in all it wasn’t bad experience but I’d would have liked it more if they played up the music aspect more, otherwise it’s just pointless moe pandering for me.  And pointless moe pandering doesn’t really satisfy me.


Status: On-Hold Hell

I was surprised I kept watching it after transitioning from the fansubs too FUNimation’s stream but I stopped after my hard drive failed.  Maybe I’ll pick it up again but I don’t think so.  A decent show but I doubt most fans of anime would want to watch it.

As for all the other shows I had listed in the pre season list that I didn’t cover I never got around too because 1) I was playing too much Hearts of Iron II 2) hard drive died which left me inoperable for basically two or three weeks 3) I’m lazy and didn’t feel at all like watching them personally 4) I was playing too much Hearts of Iron II.

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