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Wallpaper of the Month: August 10′


Seeing as my computer was dead for a week and I was too lazy to place a wallpaper up on my desktop for the past couple of weeks I’ll post some of my past favorites before I had started writing (while I transfer the folder back to my primary hard drive)

I used this one after Arizona had put in to effect that law about having to show prove of being a US resident or get deported (or what ever that stuff was really about)

One of many Kara no Kyoukai wallpapers I simply love.

This is probably the third longest used wallpaper I’ve used of all time.  (if I can find the previous two I’ll post them later)

What can I say, I’m a fighter plane junkie, specially for the F-14 Tomcat (thanks to the movie “Top Gun”).  Which leads me to the next wallpaper.

The VF-25 from Macross Frontier in a full vertical clime out of an atmosphere, that ranks it up there with watching the Yukikaze “takeing off” of the Japanese carrier in the fouth episode of the Yukikaze OVA series.

There is a few more but meh, this is good enough for now.  And that way I can use them again, not that I need to, the wallpaper folder has 1818 files in it.  Ya it’s going to be awhile till I run out.

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