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Winter-Spring 2010 End of series thougts

So actually been writing this for the past two weeks, but finally getting around to finishing it, what with the Summer season ALREADY airing.  Why did it take me so long, that’s because I picked up a good bunch of games off a steam sale (I hate you steam!) so I’ve been playing them a lot and not watching or reading.  Maybe I’ll add pictures later for this artical later, if you know, I’m not lazy.

Finished or on to second season

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou

Ah fun show.  The kind of mindless stupid show that helps me turn my brain off.  It does have some weird issues like weird time changes in between shot transitions and the censoring, which wasn’t as bad as Qwaser, but even in despite those it was far more enjoyable then some other shows.  All in all as long as you can get past the gratuitous fan service it’s a good watch.  I don’t know about you but I’ve seen worse examples of fan-service shows.  In fact I’ve watched it three times over this season, once edited on Sentai Filmworks site, un-edited, and once again with a friend of mine who I got him hooked on it (that and Angel Beats).  Plus it had a pretty good opening theme song and although I wouldn’t listen to it all the time, a decent ending theme as well.

B Gata H Kei

Not half bad, if a bit on the ero side.  Good, consistent, animation and art, even if the character designs don’t sit well for me.  Music wasn’t that great though, just not in my range of taste.  As I predicted Yamada doesn’t get 100 sex friends in the end and an added bonus she hasn’t actually gotten it on with Kosuda yet, although not for a lack of trying.  All in all enjoyable show, but still ecchi.  Anyways, let me clarify what I saw the show as.  To me it was nothing more than comedy built on sexual tension between the lead characters.  If they ever did do it then that’s it for the show.  Small side note.  Something I noticed in episode 12.  Kosada was taking a bath with a cast on after breaking his ankle.  It was covered in a plastic bag, but still, from my personal experience you don’t take a bath with a cast on unless you want it to get really moldy (I’ve broken my left arm above the elbow, when I was in kindergarten, and my right arm, radius and alma, in the 9th grade).

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Pretty good show, especially for a shoujo.  Really it’s more of a school comedy then true shoujo actually, or at least that’s what I think.  But unfortunately I’m going to be putting it on hold for the time being until Sentai Filmworks ether puts it out on DVD and I have the money for it, or they make it available to registered members or something on their video player.  Anyways, the art and animation are really on the average level but are consistent throughout the twelve episodes I’ve watched and are completely serviceable and it works really well for this show.  Kind of wish that Sentai would put it up for free but eh, they just got X’amd from Sony and I’d bet that would have been a pretty penny.  (Funny side note: never learned what the expression “a pretty penny” meant until sometime in 8th grade or so, maybe…)

Angel Beats!

A pretty good show if I may say so.  A little heart wrenching toward the end, but not an ending I could easily see when I was four episodes in which is a good touch.  The animation was pretty good (i.e. really good) although the art had problems sometimes it pretty much were pretty insignificant to degrade the show (it took me a few times to notice that the Galil Sniper Rifle that Otanashi used in episode five used the front sight post from an M16 during the ending credits, which is wrong, but ehh).  All in all some of the best writing for a show I’ve seen recently (or as memory serves, but I watch too much for that too be very reliable) with some great comedy moments.  Music plays an important role in the show as well and as such was pretty good, partially for me at least, the fourth episode opening done in a more rock style then the normal opening.  Anyways I think Angel Beats is the must watch of the spring 2010 season, but that’s me.


The show is taking a more leisurely pace this season due to it being a 26 episode season and that the four main girls are in their final year.  It doesn’t have the same draw for me as the first season though, with more of the focus on the girls lives then the music, with the best being Sawako-sensei doing her Death Devil performance in episode 10.  The animation is still a step above from the first season but for me it doesn’t really help me for the less focused (well slightly, it’s from a 4-koma) story.  I’ll keep watching but Working beat K-on!! at its own game I think.

House of five Leaves

Not bad.  I don’t think I can say anything beyond that.  I do recommend it if you don’t mind a slow show which is more about character interaction.  I hope its done better viewing wise in Japan then when it first aired.  Ditto with Tatami Galaxy

Tatami Galaxy

Pretty artsy but something nice to watch if dialog heavy.  Having a groundhogs day story might irritate some but it’s an interesting way to go about the story.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

The usual SFAFT shenanigans.  An alright show none the less with a great closing song.  If you like absurd gag comedy look no further.  Plus second season has been green lit.


This was a pretty good show.  A great improvement over Baccano!, mainly in the whole jumping from character to character story telling that was overly used in Baccano!.  Plus great art, animation, and fun characters and on top of that good music.  I’ll have to pick this up from Aniplex in 2011.


All in all Working exceeded my expectations and actually had character development, or at least two or three characters had some growth.  Plus it was cute and funny show.  Great animation and art, I would recommend this show.

Oppai err, I mean Seikon no Qwaser

If it wasn’t for the god awful editing I would have dropped this show pretty soon after the 4th or so episode.  The characters were so-so, the animation was good but sometimes quality dropped bad, and the editing did not do it any favors when it did.  In short the show was trash, but it got me writing which is like… something really hard and I can’t come up with a good metaphor (now you can see why I don’t like writing).


Sorry.  Being slow on watching the show off of FUNi.  Mid season transitions from one source to another is always hard to do.  Heck I’m surprised I finished Durarara!! on time.  Anyways, I was more right than I thought I was with my comparison with Shawshank Redemption, there was butt sex.  Animation was consistent and done well but nothing stands out.  Art was pretty good and fit the show to a “T”.  If you liked The Shawshank Redemption you’d like this one.  Will continue till end of season as long as FUNi puts it up.



Dropped, wasn’t feeling it.  A little too childish for my taste.  Not saying it’s bad, just not my thing.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Really not feeling it.  Sorry I never got around to it, but I figure those who wanted to see pretty boys probably already knew about it.

Giant Killing

Really wanted to give it a chance but ended up a no go.


No more pretty boys.  Plus the story was too close to Peacemaker for me not to compare.  Even if the animation and art were good it just did click for me.

Kiss x Sis


Mayoi Neko Overrun

This show would put me to sleep.  It had its moments but over all I’ve seen it done better.  The ping pong match in episode four was the ONLY highlight for me.

Still watching:

Senkou no Night Raid

Ummm… what happened to the sub groups doing this show.  Oh well.  Not that half bad but expected more from a show in the Chikara animation block.  It may end up in watching limbo at the rate I’m going.

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