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Wallpaper of the Month: June 10′

So I feel like sharing the wallpaper for my desktop I use.  Already did it once so why not again?  Normally I go to 4walled.org (NSFW!!!) every once in a while and before that 4scrape.  Over the year(s) of hitting those sites I’ve accumulated over 1744 images from 4walled and 4scrape.  So I try to cycle trough two wallpapers a month so I’ll try to keep this a regular post even if it’s only once a month so I don’t have to make two posts about the same thing in the same month.  What are 4walled and 4scrape you ask.  Well as far as I know they are a site which runs a program that “scrapes” images from 4chan (I think) that fit certain conditions (like size).  Or at least that’s what I think they do.  4scraped closed some time ago due to technical difficulty with the program scripts.  4walled is someone else who took the 4scraped concept and programing and improved on it (I hope).

So the first wallpaper I don’t know where it’s from.  It happens, but anyways it was pretty cool so saved.

Next is Aya Shameimaru from Touhou Project.

So around this time next month I’ll try to remember to do this again.

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