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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 23 Edit notes


Sorry for the delay.  Zero Raws have been sucking for the a while.  Can’t keep to one source type.  Started with 1280×720 MBS, then had to switch to the D-MBS 1440×810, now I’m back too 1280×720 MBS.  Plus I beat Mass Effect 2 on Monday and was feeling the post game completion blues Tuesday.  Anyway.  Gold Qwaser possessed Tomo fights Sasha and company for the Theotokos of Tsarytsin.   Mafuyu has some panties on so she’s not completely naked but still spends most of the time in zoom or off shot.  Gold Qwaser pulls bullshit and levitates rocks as projectiles and turns copper into gold taking over Katja’s Anastasia (the copper puppet).  In the end Sasha expels the Gold Qwaser from Tomo, Gold Qwaser takes over Anastasia, then is expelled and trapped by Anastasia and destroyed by Sasha and Mafuyu slicing together with Sasha’s scythe.  And everyone goes home happy.  I have to admit watching Tomo and Sasha’s fight was amusing with Tomo’s breasts unbound by any under garments bouncing around like they were, but it’s more like watching the fly buzzing around you doing zig-zags type of amusing observation kind of thing.  Well one more episode too go.  Probably going to be boring, although there looks to be quiet the collection of breast pumps in the preview, not like we’ll get to see them.Episode 23 (MBS 1280×720)

0001 white out, shiny stuff on body etc.

0031 zoom
0225 black silhouette on Mafuyu

0246 zoom
0254 zoom
0302 zoom
0324 hmmm… considering that they’ve already shown Olja in the crystal, they could be using black silhouette on her… maybe
0344 zoom
0422 zoom
0431 zoom
0449 I’m not 100 on this but I don’t remember if Mafuyu had panties last episode

0503 not an edit… yet.  Yah… tentacles
0505 zoom (funny line work on Sasha)

0527 zoom
0534 zoom
0552 zoom
0555 silent moaning
0612 zoom
0640 zoom
0658 Misato’s Beer Can

0707 wait… what the… what happened to Tomo’s cleavage?

0723 zoom
0759 I’m trying to figure if that out of focus blur is on purpose or not, oh and Mafuyu has panties on in the shot too.

0800 zoom
0815 zoom, dude, Tomo was sucking on her own breast

0853 not an edit – someone got lazy with the tentacles
0922 lens flare on body (umm… did Tomo just catch the blade with her boobs?)

0924 lens flare on body (Yes, Tomo caught the blade with her boobs)

0930 lens flare on body mines face
1028 zoom
1038 I hear boob flapping noise
1047 lens flare on body
1054 zoom
1113 black out on body
1121 zoom
1133 zoom
1148 zoom?
1151 zoom
1153 zoom
1208 zoom
1230 zoom
1250 black silhouette
1254 black silhouette
1303 black silhouette
1324 black silhouette

1329 black silhouette
1343 black silhouette

1351 black silhouette
1405 zoom? And not much animation
1412 zoom
1416 zoom
1427 zoom
1435 zoom
1445 zoom
1450 silent moaning and no dialog
1501 zoom
1504 zoom? Maybe it pans out? It looked normal one second and then it got blurry at 1504
1515 zoom
1535 zoom
1542 zoom
1626 invisible Mafuyu

1648 zoom?
1655 zoom
1657 zoom
1705 lens flare on body(s)

1707 lens flare on body(s)
1712 zoom
1717 zoom
1721 that wasn’t a very smooth transition
1728 zoom
1734 zoom
1735 lens flare on bodies
1737 silent moaning
1750 zoom
1755 zoom
1757 zoom?  I’m going to go ahead and call zoom on this one
1807 zoom
1811 black silhouette on body
1813 black silhouette on body, I can’t tell if it’s the same shot as 1811 though
1815 lens flare, silent moaning

1817 black silhouette
1821 zoom
1828 zoom?
1829 zoom
1834 zoom?
1836 zoom, dialog cuts out
1840 zoom?, no dialog
1843 zoom
1854 zoom
1903 zoom
1907 Misato’s Beer Can
1910 not an edit – “drills are like a man’s true romance” – Konota Izumi

1935 they edited the pool of blood to look like water (or sweat)!

1943 black silhouettes (they did Sasha too to make it look natural)

1953 lens flare silhouettes (it’s like they’re going to cut a wedding cake)
1956 lens flare silhouettes (it’s like they’re going to cut a wedding cake)

1957 lens flare silhouettes
2004 zoom
2016 zoom?
2054 zoom
2106 background art
2117 zoom
2122 zoom
2136 Sasha is a Misato’s Beer can in this final shot!

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