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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 22 Edit notes

It's a volcanic eruption of breast milk!

Sorry for the delay.  Was hoping that Zero-raws would put out a D-MBS 1440×810 version, which is the version I had been using for a good chuck of these entries, but they never did.  So I had to make due with the MBS 1280×720 this time.  That and I’ve finally started playing Mass Effect 2.  Anyways some fun edits this week, which is nice, was kind of getting bored with the past two episodes.  So this is the episode with the fight between Sasha and the other Athos Qwasers against the Tanner brothers and the other Adapts, although they back off half way through the fight when Friederich magic backfires and turns the two Tanners into some kind of flesh blob monster that morphs into a giant two headed eagle monster thing with laser beams shooting from the mouths.  Hana talks Katja back to working in Athos’s interests, Lizzy and Teresa reappears along with a cameo of Sheman feeling something in her breasts along with Oikawa, the school nurse/Athos agent, when Katja sucks out quite a bit of milk from Mafuyu.  And some how Lizzy, Katja and Sasha, with support from Tasuku, combine powers to launch Sasha like a cannon ball at the Tanner/blob/two headed eagle thing some how.  Oh and it seems like Mafuyu is going to spend the rest of the episodes until the epilogue part naked.  On to the notes shall we?  Kind of got lazy spotting all the little hard to see edits so there aren’t as many as last couple of episodes.  Anyways the fun ones were easy.

Episode 22 (MBS 1280×720)

0001 episode recap
0029 fog/lens flare, man that looks weird to me, also no panting noises from Mafuyu

0058 lens flare

0139 zoom?
0150 not an edit – that’s a lot of milk

0843 zoom and surprising little animation
0902 Misato’s Beer Can
1006 White (little blue) out, umm do we really need a squishy sound? Apparently yes.

1008 Black out.  If you’re wondering what he’s doing, he’s drawing a magic circle with Mafuyu’s breast milk.

1013 no animation
1018 Black out, I think the lens flare is part of the special effect.  I feel really dumb saying this but I want to see this shot unedited.

1020 not an edit – If I figure right, all that on the left side is breast milk… yum…

1040 zoom
1302 continuity error – Kind of got lazy with the glass sword here

1437 zoom
1625 zoom
1643 partial black silhouette

1648 I bet it the camera doesn’t just hold on this shot
1730 zoom
1853 there is more to this shot, you can hear the zipper un-zip
1904 zoom
1916 zoom
2001 I don’t think this shot starts with a close up of Mafuyu’s face
2014 zoom
2016 zoom
2019 zoom

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