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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 21 Edit notes

Rip... BOOM!

Yay, some fun edits finally.  Anyways quite a bit happens in this episode.  Sasha and Mafuyu go to check out Tomo’s father’s old house were Mafuyu has a dream were she is assaulted by tentacles.  Mafuyu is abducted by Frederich disguised as Tomo.  Taisuku and Mutsumi confront Jita and Milk and get beaten but not badly.  And towards the end it’s reveled that Katja is now working for the Adapts and that Mafuyu, with her half of Swords Maria, is the key to reveling the resting place of Theotokos in the lake.  Well three more episodes to go.

Episode 21 (D-MBS 1440×810)

0001 episode recap
0511 not an edit: she has no feet!

0543 zoom?
0547 I’d expect the tentacles to do more in this shot
0548 zoom
0549 zoom

0550 sunbeam

0633 zoom (topless sunbathing now are we?)

0659 hold on frame for next shot to cover up reaction shot of Mafuyu realizing that her tops off.
0942 zoom
1128 lens flare

1129 white (pink) out
1130 silent moaning
1131 lens flare

1140 not an edit: am I going to make the got milk joke again?

1150 Continuity error: Matsumi’s clothes are pretty well intact aren’t they?

1610 I’m thinking you see her pull the bandages down

1612 zoom
1621 zoom
1626 zoom?
1627 invisible character?, hmm… my guess is she (or her breast) are in frame right now
2010 zoom
2020 zoom
2025 zoom
2028 inconsistent animation: Mafuyu’s bra strap(?) is moving but her mouth isn’t matching the voice
2036 zoom
2044 zoom?
2052 zoom?
2056 zoom?
2114 zoom?
2117 zoom?

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  1. legacytyphoon
    June 3, 2010 at 9:24 pm

    She has laser beams in her chest.

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