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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 20 Edit notes

"Got Milk?" (It was only a matter of time)

So a pretty boring episode.  Sasha and Mafuyu try to figure out what exactly Otori had researched about Theotokos.  Sasha confronts Urada Oikawa, the school nurse who happens to work for Athos, about her involvement with Otori.  And Katja has a birthday party that is crashed by Lizzy in some kind of beast form… thing.  In the process of the battle Katja’s gynoid copper doll is broken shaking Katja’s confidence (or something like that).  She goes of to sulk and is chatted up by Friederich Tanner to do something (probably about the Theotokos).  All in all kind of boring with 19 or so edits, there are probably more but that’s all I caught this time around.  Well might as well get around to the few screen caps I took.

Episode 20 (D-MBS 1440×810)

0001 episode recap (edit’s from episode 19 still present but to lazy to log them)
0511 zoom (that’s some of the weirdest line art I’ve seen, usually it’s pretty much uniform thickness)

0830 white out

0832 not like they needed too do white out when they show you pretty much what he’s doing next shot.  But then again he starts to “massage” them. (no animation but you can hear the sound effects)

0847 something is off with these shots, can’t put my finger on it
0858 Misato’s Beer Can
0915 zoom(?)
1316 I’m thinking Miyuri’s invisible in this shot.
1319 zoom
1324 silent moaning
1325 more silent moaning
1342 invisible character (maybe, I’m thinking we catch a glimpse of Miyuri’s side boob here.)

1346 zoom
1409 zoom
1410 zoom
1722 zoom(?)
2036 zoom
2039 would not surprise me if they panned down

2044 zoom

Post got delayed because one) friend came over Sunday to watch stuff and two) Firefox ate my post earlier so I took a break fro four hours and played X-COM

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