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Aya – Miss Rock & Roll

Posting this song from the Baghdad Sky CD instead of all the other video for Aya because she doesn’t look like she’s going to rip your head off in this one.

Anyway, first heard of Aya from her performing Over Night, the ending theme song from Le Chevalier D’Eon, which by the way is totally different from what she sounded like before.  LegacyTyphoon turned me onto her early stuff and I liked so that’s that.  Before Over Night she got most of her inspiration from the Grunge rock  scene from Seattle (Nirvana comes to mind).

More songs from Aya that I suggest: Anything from the Baghdad Sky CD, anything from Kinjirareta Uta CD, and most of Senjyo no Hana CD.  Specifically, from Baghdad Sky: Blue Butterfly, NOBODY, Rojou no Kage, DEAD END, and Baghdad Sky.  From Kinjirareta Uta: Kinjirareta Uta, Shelter, Sadism and Chains.  From Senjyo no Hana: Sentaku no Asa, Sabooten no Uta, and Angerica.

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  1. LegacyTyphoon
    June 8, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    HAHA, all the people flipping the camera the bird.

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