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Oh great, another one bites the dust. (CMX)

Just peachy, first VIZ lays off 40% of there work force and now DC is shutting down there CMX manga imprint.  I wasn’t interested in the majority of titles they had but they did have a few gems I really liked.  Might as well take a look shall we.  (Wait a sec, is this going to be about the second time I’ve actually talked about manga?)

Completed Series:

The Girl Who Runs Through Time (# of tankouban: 2)

After watching A Girl Who Leapt Through Time I figured I might as well check this one out.  It’s based more closely to the original novel (oh so I’ve read, haven’t found it in English) and was decent no thrills read.  Art leaned to the shoujo kind of art style but was pleasant, now that I think about it, it does fit the shoujo bill.  Anyways a decent little two volume manga I picked up, but not the greatist thing on earth.

Densha Otoko (# of tankouban: 3)

This version by Wataru Watanabe is a wonderful interpretation of the original Densha Otoko story.  If you can only have one version of Densha Otoko I’d have to pick this one.  Art was good and worked really well for this manga.  The story is essentially the same as all the other versions and not very different but works.  All in all I really liked this manga and highly recommend anyone to pick it up and I think it would be an excellent starting point to familiarize with before moving on to the other properties (I never did, did I?).

Go West! (# of tankouban: 4)

After reading the awesomeness (I really want to stay away from that kind of internet speak) of Hikkatsu: Strike a Blow to Vivify and seeing how great Yu Yagami is at telling a story I had to pick this title up, plus it had the wild west setting.  I’ve grown up in New Mexico most of my life.  My father ran a summer camp called Cotton Wood Gulch out by Thoreau NM, and I spent my summers running around there so for me the wild west (or what it is now) was what I grew up with around me, or at least that little area of New Mexico.  So I find other cultures interpretations of the wild west to be an interesting view point of something that is familiar.  Anyways This was a fun series to read.  Not as off the wall as Hikkatsu but it was entertaining.  Art is… well it’s Yu Yagami and good.  A good read anyway and another CMX title I finished (it was only four books).

Gon (# of tankouban: 7)

A fun nonsensical story about a little dinosaur doing weird things… all the while without ANY dialog.  This was a great umm… for a lack of a better term, “read”.  I do recommend picking up this seven volume series.  It’s also cheap.

Variante (# of tankouban: 4)

One of the darker series I’ve enjoyed (okay, kind of because it had guns like the MP7).  Art was interesting if memory serves and story, although recycled from other places, was well executed.  All in all a pretty well done manga and was the first CMX title I was really aware of (Densha Otoko I had picked up at Borders so I didn’t have the same level of brand recognition I get from ordering off of Right Stuf.com when the have sales).

Zombie Fairy (#of tankouban: 1)

Originally I ordered it to pad an order which was mainly for a volume of Variante but found it wasn’t too bad.  Art is average or above and story was simple and effective (although I’ve seen it done better before).  That being said it was a nice little one shot.  (not really about brain eating zombies, just letting you know)

Series I have a couple of volumes of:

Key to the Kingdom (#of tankouban: 2 of 6)

A nice little umm… I’m going to call it manly shoujo (hey, it’s what Leiji Matsumoto did before he broke out).  The art is very shoujo but the story is pretty far from what I’d consider shoujo.  Anyways, not too bad but it didn’t have me clawing for the next volume exactly.  (oh, hey, main character’s name is Asta, was wondering where I heard that before)

Kiichi and the Magic Books (# of tankouban: 1 of 5)

I picked this up from the last CMX sale on Right Stuf.com to pad my order to get some promotion thing.  Not bad, pretty nice art and story but not on my high priority list.

Orfina (# of tankouban: 6 of 8 released, 12 in Japan, plus Orfina SAGA looks like a continuation with 6 volumes)

This is one of the real bummers for me.  I don’t really know why I like this series but I do.  The character art is a little wonky and gets worse when the mangaka tries to do some fan service but the rest of the art is nice.  The story is fantasy but with bits of modern technology (mainly guns) and future tech (optical camo) thrown in for the hell of it.  I don’t really recommend the series but for what ever reason I enjoy it. (I think it’s mostly to do with world building)

Steel Fist Riku (# of tankouban: 1 of 3)

This was a surprise for me, original I had written it off as some stupid pointless manga about brawling but it’s actual a decent comedy that does a good job of making me laugh.  Unfortunately when the next CMX sale rolled around by bank account was starting to hurt so I haven’t gotten any more of the volumes.  (sigh)

Series I was look at picking up at some point… when I have money or series that were licensed but aren’t going to see the light of day for now:

Broken Blade (# of tankouban in series: 8 so far)

Wasn’t very impressed at first but the more I hear about it the more I want to read it.

Hyakko (# of tankouban in series: 5 so far)

The anime was really fun for me and I’d love to continue there adventures.  I did pick up an art book for the manga at FANIME 2009 and also picked up the first volume of Yuhi Romance by the same mangaka at a Book Off in LA after ALA 2010.  Then again Hyakko hasen’t offical been announced.

51 Ways to Save Her (# of tankouban in series: 5)

It sounds interesting so I was kind of thinking of giving it a shot.

Nyan Koi! (# of tankouban in series: 5 so far)

Enjoyed the anime a good deal (expect for the magical girl part, it felt out of place).

Shisso Holiday (# of tankouban in series: 1)

I’ll admit that I never heard of this one until now but after reading about it, sounds good.  Plus it’s a one shot so no need to invest in a lengthy series.

Looking at it now that’s not too bad of a line-up, although VIZ and Yen Press holds the most titles for me.

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  1. Jan
    May 19, 2010 at 7:39 am

    Also really good CMX titles –




  2. May 19, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Dorothea looked interesting but I never got around to ordering #1. Emma is pretty respected but it’s not really in my range of taste cup of tea;).

    I was mainly focusing on titles I have purchased or was more then likely to do so in the future (when I had money). There is one title I’ve left off the list. Astral Project. Haven’t finished reading it because the art is kind of annoying. It’s the same story with Ikigami from Viz.

  3. May 19, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    Weird in the cool way, but Icarus Publishing linked to this article.

    (NSFW) http://www.icaruscomics.com/wp_web/?p=5089

  4. May 28, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    Thanks for pointing out Steel Fist Riku. I might want to check it out now. I posted about my thoughts on the CMX line on my latest blog entry:

  5. May 28, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    @DaneilBT No problem. It’s pretty decent fun comedy story. I had originally read a sample in Otaku USA a year or more ago and thought it wasn’t that great but that had more to do with specific part that was sampled which just wasn’t impressive (it was the fight scene with Riku and the Pig man). Then I had picked it up to pad out an order on Right Stuf! (oddly enough in order to qualify for CMX’s 2009 Preview collection, which also has a sample for Broken Blade, which just like Riku’s sample wasn’t very inspiring)and started reading and a chapter or so in I was like “wow this is actual better then I thought it was”.

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