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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 19 Edit notes

Now time for Yuri Theater

Sorry for the delay.  The first version of episode 19 I got had bad audio and so didn’t get to watch Qwaser Sunday night.  A lot of zoom this episode so screen caps are going to be few and far between this time around, sorry.  In this episode Taisuku and Matsumi finish off their “greetings” for Sasha and Mafuyu.  Mafuyu remembers the time she goes down on Tomo (seriously that’s what the flashback looks like).  Tomo meanwhile wakes up with Jita, Joshua (who shows up later) sucking on her breasts.  Oh, also she’s in the Adapts castle/home base after being kidnapped.  She runs around with a little girl named Asta (or it could be Asuta. the u is silent, like Asuka, or it could be Astarte) but turns out she’s actual someone named Kyoko (I’m not too sure about this, and wiki/ANN/MAL doesn’t have anything on this character).  And someone sent Sasha and Mafuyu a tape of Tomo playing with Asta and her dog and in general being her ditsy self.

Episode 19 (D-MBS 1440×810)

0001 Oh ya, I keep on forgetting to mention this but whenever there is a episode recap something really ecchi is happening.  Guess what… episode recap.
0218 Not an edit – looks like the changed the OP a little (checked, ya it’s a little different)
0518 not sure, but that window frame is nicely located
0520 zoom
0530 zoom
0537 zoom (I think you hear her tits flap)
0541 zoom
0547 I bet it pans up

0552 zoom (notice the ugly line art)

0600 zoom
0615 zoom
0623 zoom
0745 background art

0748 zoom
0751 background art from 0745
0756 black silhouettes
0801 zoom
0812 zoom
0820 zoom
0845 zoom
0852 zoom?
0855 I’m sure they do more with this shot then just slightly wobble the camera and zoom in, plus there’s this weird jarring in the wobble around 0859

0901 zoom
1034 black silhouettes

1036 zoom, no lip flapping on Mafuyu when there is with Tomo and silent moaning
1048 silent moaning
1050 white out (before anyone asks, yes that’s a dog, it’d be funny if it was a Qwaser dog but that would be a little too weird)

1052 zoom
1336 not an edit – that’s a very blue ocean
1350 not an edit – thank you for not catching her by her legs, after she fell I was expecting that I was going to see some underage panty shots (which I don’t want to see, why the heck did I finish Omamari Himari?) (hmm, I think the little girl’s name is Asta/Asuta or something)
1450 zoom (wow what crappy stone work)
1511 not an edit – Isn’t this the second character we’ve met wearing a gasmask?

1640 a flashback to 0756 with silhouettes still in effect
1641 flashback to 0748 with zoom still in effect
1922 not an edit – so it’s Kyoko instead of Asta?
2037 zoom

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