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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 18 Edit notes

It almost looks like a flower huh?

Taisuku Fujiomi and Matsumi Sednou, his maria, finally make a appearance after their first appearance in episode 14. It seems like fighting the resident Qwaser is their way of saying “hello” like Katja in episode 4 and Lizzy on several occasions.  Anyways everyone is regrouping after last episode with Tomo being abducted and Otari dieing and such.  A new evil Qwaser has infiltrated the school (again) to make life interesting.  Matsumi is reveled to be Sasha’s former Maria, and that evil Qwaser gave some boy the power to grope girls from out of sight with magic hands, which he uses on the student council president, who I thought it was Miyuri who was the student council president.  Was a bit wrong on that assumption.  Also that “Sword’s Maria” thing manifests in Mafuyu (with shiny lights and exploding clothing) when Matsumi starts… umm… playing with her…  The episode was pretty tame till half way through then they do as many edits as they normal do for an episode (some where around 50 plus/minus).

Episode 18 (D-MBS 1440×810)

1253 possible stretching the shot
1256 zoom
1307 zoom
1322 possible invisible student council president
1325 possible invisible student council president (confirmed) (look at the left hand, it’s index finger looks a little thin, doesn’t it?  Give you three guesses as to what it’s holding.)

1334 no lip flapping when she says “nani?”
1335 now there is lip flapping but no sound
1339 invisible student council president (check out the error on the right hand)

1342 lip flapping but no sound
1405 invisible student council president?
1407 invisible student council president
1415 umm, when did she move over to the fence
1425 invisible student council president and white out
1431 zoom, no vocals
1442 possible invisible student council president
1508 where did the student council president disappear too?  She should be near the end of the wall or something like that

1645 zoom?
1650 zoom?
1729 continuity error (look where the two metal polls connect)

1823 zoom, also the background in relation to Mafuyu looks awkward some how

1827 zoom
1829 zoom
1834 pause on frame, stretching it out, new girl is playing with Mafuyu’s breast
1843 zoom
1849 umm, why are they cycling the hair animation but there’s no lip flapping?
1859 zoom
1908 zoom
1914 zoom
1918 zoom
1919 invisible characters or background art, can’t pick one yet.  (re-used at 2011 and 2043)

1924 zoom
1942 no moaning
1927, 1930, 1937 reusing animation from 1619, 1717, and 1714 respectively (they re-use it again at 2102, 2104, 2107)

1942 silent moaning
1944 zoom
2002 zoom, and silent moaning at the end of shot
2011 invisible characters, or background art like 1919
2020 background art
2028 invisible characters
2030 zoom
2043 and again with the art from 1919
2053 and 2020
2058 zoom
2102, 2104, 2107, reusing animation from 1619, 1717, 1714 again
2117 lens flare

2119 lens flare
2129 continuity error – doesn’t he have a bracelet on his right hand? Or maybe both?  Checked, he has bracelets on both arms.

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