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GET SOME!!! Cat Shit One for August

(Yaa… watched Generation Kill one too many times have we?)

Here’s something that gets my inner military otaku burning with passion

Apocalypse Meow Manga’s 1st Anime Episode Set for August

As a fan of the original manga I’ve been dieing to see this made into an animation (anime or other wise). After the winter and spring seasons rolled by without an announcement I kind of forgot about it… until today when ANN posted about the artical.  Now we just have to see if they get all 12 episodes done.  Also, if I only had the money to get the third volume of Cat Shit One ’80 that came out a month or so ago off of Amazon.jp.

Funny story.  One day I was giving a friend, also a fan of Apocalypse Meow, a ride to UNMAC one Saturday and he mentions it would be cool to see an anime of it, or something to that effect.  Two days later and boom, ANN posts about it.

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  1. May 7, 2010 at 1:48 am

    I heard about this one almost a year ago I think on DannyChoo.com. I thought it was the one to see!

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