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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 17 Edit notes


Yo… got most of the Spring 2010 Anime Guide done but need to work a little bit more on it.  Anyway a little late on Oppai no Qwaser, kind of got burnt out after watching 17+ shows for four weeks.  I’ll normalize in a week or two, kind of helps I don’t need to watch any more Kiss X Sis (TV)… (shivers).  So this weeks episode concludes the fight between Otori and Sasha and Otori dies, The Qwaser of Gold posses Tomo and teleports away at the end of the episode.  Some other nonsense goes on but my Japanese sucks.  All that I could figure out is that Gold tries to unlock something called Swords of Maria but is interrupted and some how Mafuyu gets half of it as well,  I’m assuming it’s what the shot from 2036 is suppose to suggest.  Most of the edits this week are zooms so tried taking screen caps with Media Player Classic/CCCP since VLC sucks at screencaping.  Hopefully the screencaps of zoom shots come out okay.

Episode 17 (D-MBS 1440×810)

0009 zoom
0025 I would imagine this is also zoom
0030 black void, (wasn’t sure until I saw the top of the pattern at 0054)

0038 zoom
0243 zoom
0253 zoom
0256 black void (fingering a nipple with a sharp point metal finger doesn’t sound very pleasant)

0300 background shot
0321 zoom probably 0323 panty shot
0326 zoom, and camera jumped while panning up on Tomo
0331 Misato’s Beer Can
0404 zoom (notice shot composition sucks)

0425 Invisible Tomo. Misato’s Beer Can, oh wait, they just moved her behind Otori’s head.

0429 zoom
0529 Misato’s Beer Can
0631 zoom, wasn’t sure about it until I saw Lizzy’s shirt ripped open later
0729 not an edit – (I think) lazy art though

0756 zoom? Tomo speaks off camera at the end of the shot
0813 same shot as 0756
0823 zoom
1143 zoom
1201 not an edit – what’s with Tomo’s eyes
1329 zoom
1416 zoom

1445 zoom
1450 zoom
1510 continuity error – Teresa clothes should have be torn above the waist

1539 zoom, also some really lazy art

1609 extended shot to fill in hole, I would expect Lizzy to struggle
1623 zoom
1647 zoom
1654 zoom

1712 zoom?
1724 zoom
1733 not sure what edit they do for this shot, it could be still shot or freeze frame
1757 zoom
1802 background art (not pictured- Mafuyu getting her shirt ripped off)
1810 zoom, I’d expect them to be staring down each other
1817 zoom, Tomo’s breasts are moving an awful lot
1822 background art

1837 minor zoom
1903 invisible characters (Katja and Hana)

1933 not an edit – I think, anyways it looks like only the top vest portion was ripped off, also continuity error: her binds have been changed from last I saw it

1941 Blurring/mosaic, (someone has their finger in front of the camera!)

2006 invisible characters, just who is Lizzy charging at
2012 background art, didn’t same as 1822
2021 zoom
2036 black silhouette umm, what’s that sound, it’s some kind of thick wet sound…

2053 invisible Lizzy

2109 zoom

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