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Yousei Teikoku – Baptize

So to kind of make up for a boring episode 16 and for those who aren’t watch the show here’s the music video for the second OP Baptize, performed by Yousei Teikoku.

[Insert Youtube video of Yousei Teikoku – Baptize]

See, told you the song was pretty good.  The video is a little on the boring side visually for me, but has more going for it then the music video for Kalafina’s sprinter, which is really boring for such an awesome song.  Also as a side note, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard Yousei Teikoku.  They performed “Irodori no Nai Sekai” for Kurokami (Black God), and off of that single is “Destrudo” which isn’t half bad.

So, for status on Spring 2010 preview.  Working on catching up on few shows and will begin writing soon (I hate writing).  I’m behind on Hakuouki, and Despair Knows My Name but watching stuff is easy so no really problems.  It’ll be done by Saturday.

UPDATE: 04/30 Video got taken down. Replaced now.

UPDATE: 05/07 Video down.  Replaced… again.

UPDATE: Later on 05/07 Video taken down… again.  Just take my word that it’s a good song.

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