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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 15 Edit notes


Sorry for the delay, I’m going to try to do these a little more regular on Sunday or Monday when the RAW is released.  Been playing X-COM (a classic game from 1994) and watching Desert Punk.  Also I’ll be working on some stuff for club and stuff, so ya kind have been preoccupied.  Anyways in this episode Sasha runs away and finds “her” way to a cosplay cafe with Lizzy, hi-jinks ensue, Qwaser with power to use something as projectiles shows up, Sasha remembers he has a pair and Tomo gets kidnapped by Lizzy’s master (I don’t remember his name and don’t care too look it up right now).

Episode 15 (standard D-MBS 1440×810)

0019 lens flare

0027 zoom?
0031 zoom
0144 probably pans up from here

0150 Misato’s Beer Can, maybe
0445 possible silhouette

0447 zoom
0729 what would you call that, Misato’s Beer Can only covers items in the foreground or at least separate from the object.  Also they forgot shadowing.

0810 zoom
0835 zoom
0938 not an edit – awesome, Fate/Stay Night Saber cosplay

0946 not an edit – nice, Linebarrels of Iron, need to see more, couldn’t get over the “You got red on you” thought in the first episode.

At the cosplay café, couldn’t they tell he was guy when he was in the bunny girl outfit?
1204 zoom, only on Tomo in the background
1311 animation hold on single piece of art
1312 and look at the pretty fish (i.e. background art)
1320 zoom
1324 zoom, and lazy art, and also invisible naked cosplay girl
1341 not an edit – holy crap they have the poster for the show in the show, nice

1344 and the fishy again

1350 black void/ silhouette
1400 and the fish again
1405 white out

1410 and the fish, again
1423 invisible character (which one, pick one)

1426 audio plays over unrelated animation
1434 zoom, also poor fishy
1437 Misato’s Beer Can
1439 and jump to a frame where nothing is really showing

1453 zoom
1503 invisible characters, also lazy art

1526 zoom
1534 zoom
1537 invisible breast, I’ve kind of missed this shots, it’s almost nostalgic.

1539 silent moaning
1540 abuse of background art
1550 invisible character(s)
1556 zoom
1558 zoom or bad art, can’t tell

1611 not an edit – in a previous shot there was no recoil, now there is recoil

1617 can’t tell if they the cosplay girl is invisible or the animators forgot about her
1618 ditto
1631 ditto
1703 ditto
1709 ditto
1719 ditto
1734 where did cosplay girl disappear to?
1757 found her

1930 not an edit – how is he going to fight in heals?
1952 invisible cosplay girl

2017 invisible cosplay girl
2021 invisible cosplay girl
2036 not an edit – oh hay it’s Col. Mustang, oh wait wrong show

2134 not an edit – just lazy writing, wow everyone has super human eyesight and hearing

The art has kind of gotten lazy in this episode.

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  1. April 21, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    Come to inform you that you are #1 in Google for Oppai no Qwaser.
    Looks fun, in all of the wrong reasons. We should watch this in club.

  2. April 21, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    Wow, did not expect that since I stole it from LosslessONE’s topic in IRC sometime ago. If we do show it, it has to be the censored version;)

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