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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 14 Edit notes



So episode 14 gets invaded by masked super heroes, namely some kind of wish fulfillment for Miyuri, who gets super powers from some sort of Qwaser item that Katja dropped.  Also we are introduced to another Athos Qwaser, Taisuku Fujiomi, and his Maria, Matsumi Sendou.  Other then that I have no idea if it’s just a dream or canon because Sasha, still thinking he’s a girl, fallows Miyuri into becoming a masked fighter and defeats a giant robot (fight is omitted).  Ya… I think the writers need to lay off what ever they where smoking (just kidding about the smoking something part, of course).

Episode 14 (standard D-MBS 1440×810)

0033 Not an edit-kind of, that is the shortest episode recap I can think of
0050 not an edit – great she’s wearing a school swimsuit and an apron for her costume

0135 not an edit – oh god, nipple mounted lasers

0143 zoom
0209 not an edit – so Miyuri is going by Giri-kamen.  My poor Japanese translates it to “almost masked super hero”.
0356 panning over background art

0411 panning over background art… again
0431 again with the background art, just what is going on in this scene?
0438 zoom
0444 whatever they are hiding it’s invisible in this shot
0634 sunbeam
0635 sunbeam
0646 zoom
0721 sunbeam

0731 sunbeam

0745 sunbeam
0749 not an edit – and so Katja gets on the act as well… as sensei (not kidding-it’s 先生 /sensei in the caption)

0757 sunbeam, they’re pretty reliable about doing it at the same angel…

wait, what the crap, it follows her?

1051 zoom
1432 sunbeam

1601 zoom
1846 zoom
1905 zoom
1906 invisible Miyuri

1909 line art looks like zoom is in effect
1931 zoom
1935 lens flare (whole shot) (going to call it white out)
1942 black void (whole shot), and judging by this screen cap it’s a nipple he’s painting on

1947 silent moaning
1948 more black void
1953 and white out

1958 Misato’s Beer Can
2002 white out
2007 white out
2008 silent moaning but dialog is still there
2030 I fell like there is something invisible in this shot
2031 and this one

2039 also here, nice Lupin reference though

2042 invisible Miyuri
2120 Misato’s Beer Can

2132/2135 why is there a black border around these two shots?

2357 not an edit – I like this weeks omake art

I have to apologize for the amount of side notes that aren’t edits.  When preparing for new shows I’ll write down random impressions of scenes and I’m going to be in that mind set for the next couple of weeks.  Also I would of had this done sooner if 1) I wasn’t playing Modern Warfare 2 MP most of the weekend on steam for free, and 2) If I didn’t get distracted by TV Tropes for two hours after linking to It was all a dream.

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