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So here is another Japanese band I like which I just recently found (well something like a couple of months) off of JapanFiles.com.

Guardian Hacker is a bit faster then my all time loved band Garbage(still need to get around to buying the new CD) but they have a great sound too them that I enjoy a lot.  And hay you can get a legitimate mp3 download from JapanFiles for $0.99 which is heck cheaper then getting a import CD (like all those the pillows CDs I have).  Anyways the music video isn’t that great in the visual sense but Burn Me Away is pretty good song (although her English pronunciation is a little off, but eh, she’s Japanese, wait till I share HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT)  Just a heads up though, To me the single version of Burn Me Away sounds better then the Album version from FLARE IN REVERBERATION

Crap after looking up the video found two more bands which I WANT NOW (RAMPANT and Lapis Lazuli).

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