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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 13 Edit notes


They finally did it.  A hot springs bath episode.  This is the most edits I’ve seen as yet with something like 90 edits in the episode, mostly steam and a few with steam and lens flare, but mostly steam, lots of steam.  Also in this episode we are introduced to a new character who I could only clearly hear her nickname of Big Mama, I’m calling her Sheman in my notes thought.  A new opening and closing are also used with some good music.  Also a note about names, after trying to find the real name of Sheman, I discovered that I’ve been misspelling Mafuyu name as Mifuyu (as I said my Japanese sucks) and also correction on the spelling of Ekaterina Kurae (the loli character being voiced by Aya Hirano) nickname which is Katja.  Hopefully I’ll remember these things for the future. The RAW this week is back to D-MBS’s 1440×810.  Also one NSFW picture, not like the whole thing already isn’t NSFW.

Episode 13 (standard D-MBS 1440×810)

0049 steam

0055 steam

0058 steam/water

0102 steam

0104 steam
0106 steam

This series of shots is nothing but talking breasts

0107 steam
0111 steam
0114 steam
0119 steam
0129 steam
0130 steam
0139 steam
0154 not an edit – Oh hay, new opening
0339 steam

0342 steam
0425 steam
0429 I’m calling invisible Sensei
0433 steam
0453 why is Katja tricking Sasha into thinking he’s a girl?
0505 steam or could I say grease on the camera lens?

0512 personally I would have the camera go to Sasha and Sensei
0526 steam

0530 oh hay, zoom too break up the reputation of steam
0546 steam

0617 not an edit – AWESOME!

0620 steam, is it me or is Hana and Fumiko holding hands?

0639 steam
0641 lens flare (minor) instead of steam?  Also lazy art.

0653 steam
0704 minor zoom (and steam)
0708 steam
0725 Misato’s Beer Can
0742 steam
0744 invisible Mafuyu
0858 zoom
0907 invisible Hana, or zoom
1016 not an edit – did he just say that Fumiko has a flat-chest like he does?
1142 assume that the next few shots are indecent

1145 zoom, no animation
1153 invisible Hana
1206 invisible Hana
1329 not an edit – this is what happens when you piss off Sheman

1412 steam
1429 steam

1437 not an edit – awesome

1442 steam
1448 pre-emptive steam

1445 zoom
1500 possible use of background art to hide things (Tomo being fondled by Sheman)
1523 zoom and steam, also the lips stop flapping on Sheman
1529 zoom and limited animation
1530 invisible boob

1531 missing something in this shot
1538 why is there no steam in this shot?

1544 re-using art (the original animation is a little earlier, this is the first shot they use it though)

1545 zoom, (it’s like she’s grading their boobs)

1548 re-using art from 1544
1550 zoom
1555 re-using art art from 1544
1557 steam, zoom and maybe invisible Katja
1602 re-using art from 1544
1605 steam
1617 steam/black void

1619 steam
1624 steam
1628 steam
1635 no lip flapping at beginning of shot when Sheman is talking
1645 zoom, and they fail at editing, you see Sheman’s nipple for second, also no lip flapping (this happened before but I forgot to write it down)

1650 invisible Katja
1657 invisible Katja
1706 invisible Katja
1709 zoom, oh invisible Sheman
1725 steam
1732 zoom
1741 steam and lens flare

1746 steam
1754 steam
1902 zoom
1918 zoom
1930 steam, lens flare on Sheman

1934 steam

1940 zoom
1941 zoom
1942 zoom
1951 zoom (umm, is that sound effect what I think it is, bouncing breasts?)
1955 zoom
1957 zoom
2000 zoom
2003 zoom (ya it is bouncing breasts, got too Fumiko and had a cow bell sound, i.e. signaling something funny)
2022 zoom
2032 steam
2033 invisible Katja
2036 zoom, and probably invisible Katja
2057 not an edit – Someone needs to do slash fiction with those two characters, notice the blushing (actually they’ve been drinking the whole episode

2115 zoom and Misato’s Beer Can (I think, but I like the pic anyway)

2141 not an edit- and a new closing

May have missed a steam or two but it should all be there, zooms still are hard to see apart from bad art.  Also some of the steam effects also have lens flare but it’s kind of hard to separate the two so…

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