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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 12 Edit notes


Well there goes my hope of using the same source for doing these posts.  Using the MX 1280 x 720 RAW this time.  Anyways art is getting lazy.  Take a look at 0805 when Hana develops a second elbow joint on her left arm for an example.  Little image heavy this week.

Episode 12 (standard, MX 1280 x 720)

0022 animation freeze
0028 Misato’s Beer Can
0040 silent moaning
0050 animation freeze (that’s a weird facial expression to hold
0052 doesn’t pan as far up as I’d expect (they only get to the upper stomach or so then it’s next shot.
0140 wow, no blood

0146 not as much blood as there has been in earlier episodes
0148 ditto

0531 not an edit – so the class rep is Fumiko?
0805 not an edit – Hana’s left arm has two elbows

1002 Misato’s Beer Can
1220 not an edit – what the, she’s German?
1346 extra shadow?
1348 zoom
1356 extra shadow
1359 not an edit – is that the twins from episode 11?
1402 not an edit – those are even more impressive eyes

1403 extra shadow
1427 zoom? Why here?  You can see it’s blurry like when they do a zoom
1441 extra shadow

1445 zoom
1452 extra shadow

1505 no extra shadow now, but is it me or does Mifuyu’s legs funny, probably lazy art

1521 I want to call Misato’s Beer Can on this shot

1531 considering the sound effects I’d expect there is panning in this shot
1533 zoom
1548 Misato’s Beer Can
1608 lens flare, all kinds as it pans out

1619 again Misato’s Beer Can, and no animation this time, recycling 1548 to hide something naughty maybe?  If so 1548 maybe a false flag
1648 zoom
1658 invisible body part, I don’t know which one of Mifuyu’s body parts it is though

1701 invisible body part, okay… going to guess and say it’s a place where the sun don’t shine considering how the combined twins hand is shaped

1708 what a convenient Misato’s Beer Can

1713 isn’t Mifuyu suppose to be in the background?
1719 invisible Mifuyu
1730 no nipple?

1747 zoom?
1807 lens flare and shadow at the same time!

1811 zoom
1819 not an edit – how convenient for those sheets too fall on top of each other

1821 zoom? Can’t tell when it’s so bright
1832 lens flare

1835 lens flare (those sheets didn’t land right)

2032 zoom
2100 extra shadow

2109 extra shadow
2128 Misato’s Beer Can

2334 zoom, and it’s in the next episode preview

As the normal I think I missed a few edits.  It’s kind of hard to pick zooms and Misato’s Beer Can out of just lazy art.

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