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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 11 Edit notes


Kind of boring this episode but I guess it’s going to be hard to surpass last episode with it’s exploding melons.  Three more Qwasers show up this episode.  Didn’t bother with names

Episode 11 (standard, D-MBS 1440 x 810)

1042 invisible panties! (snapshot dosen’t show it but the one of the new Qwasers pulls the class reps panties down, apperntly they wanted a golden shower.)

1044 possible invisible underwear
1050 I can’t tell if she pulled her panties up in the previous shot.
1124 lens flare

1201 zoom?  They’re hiding something, can’t tell what really, but the next two shots say kissy kissy between lesbian twins?
1207 Sasha is once again Misato’s beer can

1218 and they reuse the animation (or lack of) from 1207 (no I didn’t re-use the screen cap, these are two screen caps taken at different points of the show with one cut in between)

1249 zoom
1341 why do I think there should be a nipple there

Not an edit – that’s quite the collection of umm… “tools”, wait is that a light saber? (lower half right side)

1450 I feel there is something suppose to be in the center of the classroom
1503 zoom
1703 this shot looks off, my brain can’t process it but it’s off somehow, plus no animation

1706 this shot makes more sense, also edit, probably zoom

1812 how much skirt was removed?
1824 zoom?, also following shots try to minimize how much you she of the class rep
Not an edit – that’s an interesting way to render eyes, maybe it’s all the quick silver or what ever.

1941 zoom?
1947 lens flare
2048 is it me or does his scars look off

2126 did Mifuyu and class rep move?

I think there is quite a bit of editing done in the episode buts it’s a little more hidden this time around.  All in all not a very interesting episode (i.e. not enough confetti balls).  Also ends on a bit of a cliff hanger.

Also not exactly in a good mood right now.  Annoying people are annoying, especial when they can’t control their volume.  Also Firefox or wordpress.com decide to throw up spell check functionality.

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