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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 9 edit notes


So might as well catch up with the show now that I’m using the raws. My theory that they have more ecchi things every other episode didn’t pan out but ehh, I’m just trying to apply a pattern to the chaos.  Also it’s kind of nice to try to use my limited Japanese skills too keep up with the show with out subs as a cutch, it’s nice bit of practice, even if my eyes glaze over when it gets dialog heavy.  Most of the pictures this time around are shadows or sunbeams or moonbeams.  I guess I think these are the easiest to see it’s probably an edit, but that’s me.  Also when I pick the shots I do it after if watched a first time and to save my mind I tend to set the speed at 2x, makes it far more enjoyable;)  This weeks source is the D-MBS raw at 1440 x 810.

Eps 9 (standard D-MBS 1440 x 810)

0118 sunbeam (lens flare)

0125 sunbeam

0130 sunbeam

0133 sunbeam

0143 not an edit – spit or breast milk?
0650 would not surprise me if it panned up
0652 “Shadows”

0711 so when did Sasha get back to the table (I’m thinking he’s a Misato’s beer can at 0704)
0756 maybe he’s a Misato’s beer can again in this shot
0905 not an edit – when did she start to bleed?
1030 not an edit – evil twin or how to apply make up in two seconds without your hands
1048 not an edit – what lazy jumping animation, at least they improved the art this episode
1059 moonbeam (sun beam/lens flare) and Misato’s beer can (the chains)

1117 moonbeam

1122 moonbeam (how the heck did Mifuyu find her way to the abandon factory)

1143 blurring (fain out of focus)
1152 I bet there’s more than just blood
1159 “shadows”

1200 can’t say if this is an edit of just stylized
1226 so when did Teresa get down?
1317 not an edit – calling BS on the floor, there wouldn’t be a basement for a warehouse/factory like that)
1348 zoom
1350 so was the priest there or is he a Misato’s beer can in this shot?
1357 I want to call Misato’s beer can on the ruble but we will see if it’s right, also how do we not see Sasha in this shot? He’s like two feet away in two shots from now
1450 “shadow”
1504 zoom
1506 “shadow”, zoom?
1508 zoom
1509 “shadow”

1513 lens flare?
1516 “shadow”
1552 moonbeam?  Also why is Sasha naked too?
1541 Misato’s beer can on the ruble
1547 zoom?
1548 lens flare on Mifuyu’s body

1556 lens flare/moonbeam
1601 lens flare

1635 not an edit – now he has clothes on

I may have missed a few blood shots. Also maybe due to the source the tells (the visual hints I look for) for zooms aren’t as obvious as the non D-MBS source videos, I think.

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