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Touhou/IOSYS – Neko miku Reimu

Damn, only lasted one post.  Was thinking I’d keep away from Touhou videos for a few more posts but eh, this one is too freaking awesome.  Sure it’s a little bit pop-y and kind of obnoxious but it’s just too much fun for me (once again my limited knowledge of Japanese probably helps since I understand about 15% lyrics and can guess another 10%).

Now to listen to the full length version on repeat for an hour or so while I do the Oppai no Qwaser 9 post (this statement was written after the fact).  Also look for Waki Miku Reimu (or for the actual title “月夜を隠さない程度の能力?” | “Special Power of Exposing Moonlight Nights?”).  It’s heavier on the techno but softer on in overall tone then Neko Miku Riemu.  For and extra laugh there is also male version under Waki Miku Reimu (Male).

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