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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 8 edit notes


On to the next episode shall we.  Not as many edits this time, or at least the ones I caught.  I think they omitted a few shots during the bath scene.  Maybe they alternate between really ecchi episodes and not quite as ecchi.  Source is MBS raw H.264 1280 x 720.

0001 so back to episode recap
0109 not an edit – I don’t remember it being called Excalibur but my memory can be funny
0609 Lizzy’s hand looks fun not sure if it’s an edit or just lazy animation
0622 I fell that Mifuyu should be in picture as well
0846 not an edit – Miyuri still thinks Lizzy is a boy, nice, “could it be coincidence, or even fate?”
0921 use of establishing shot twice
0927 Considering what happens later where are Mafuyu and Tomo?
1046 so when did we get to the chapel?
1121 so where is Miyuri in the shot?
1126 zoom
1131 something is off
1133 zoom
1136 zoom?
1152 zoom, steam.  Also considering how big Miyuri is we should be seeing some spillage from her on the floor

1157 zoom
1203 zoom, steam, hey there’s the spillage

1206 I think there is more to this shot
1254 I would think they would pan down on the devil version but since they didn’t pan on angel  at

1306 I guess they didn’t

1344 so umm, what just happened
1351 I feel there are more panties in this shot
1406 I hope that’s editing, I don’t need any more naked lolis (Was thinking of taking a snapshot but decided against it)
1410 explicit material on phone screen?
1425 please tell me that’s not editing, no more naked lolis this season please!
1703 possible use of lens flare (sun beam)

1709 same
1715 pretty consistent with the sun beam

1730 sun beam

1808 I would think there would be a reaction shot on Hana at this point
1813 zoom
1856 zoom
1953 not an edit – so umm where exactly does she hide that in her skirt?
2021 zoom (for panties, look at the bottom, ya, reddish pink/purple color today)

2026 zoom?
2024 those bushes look off

2112 bushes again

I think I missed a few

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