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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 4 Edit notes


And now for episode four of Seikon no Qwaser.  As suspected there are about 60+ edits (mostly zoom) done throughout the episode to hid all the panties and bras (they go to a lingerie store).  Also I’ve come up with a new editing term, at least for my own usage, “Misato’s beer can”.  This is a reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 1 or 2 (it’s been too long for me to remember but I think it’s episode two.) when Shinji, who just moved in with Misato, runs out of the bathroom butt-naked and starts babbling at Misato about seeing  Pen-pen.  His more, shall we say, intimate parts are hidden behind Misato’s beer can.  When Misato lifts her beer can to take a drink he is still covered by a bottle labeled toothpicks.  Although that was intended to stay in the finished product it’s the first thing that comes to mind that everyone has seen and should understand after being reminded where the reference came from.

Eps 4 (standard)

  1. 0354 not an edit – Teresa’s hair looks like dog ears
  2. 0556 possible edit – re-using animation/not in the form of animated comic like the rest
  3. 0601 why are the edges blurred
  4. 0626 extreme close up
  5. 0630 zoom
  6. 0715 want to call filler but it might not be
  7. 0718 zoom or just fuzzy
  8. 0719 that’s weird art
  9. 0728 zoom
  10. 0742 zoom
  11. 0743 here’s the art from 0719 and it doesn’t have any blurriness.  Except for the dressing room screen there isn’t even animation.
  12. 0746 black void at the bottom of the screen
  13. 0812 zoom? And no lip flapping to heavy breathing
  14. 0846 not an edit – so how did he get the stun gun
  15. 0856 not an edit – why does the tight lipped Sasha have is mouth gaping open
  16. 0908 zoom/no animation (no lip-flapping)
  17. 0912 zoom
  18. 0918 possible edit – a second interior establishing shot
  19. 0924 zoom
  20. 0930 weird transition/shot
  21. 0943 possible edit – more background art
  22. 0955 where is he aiming I wonder?
  23. 0958 I have the feeling that there should be a pink mass on the left side of the screen
  24. 1001 zoom?
  25. 1002 why is there black around the edges?
  26. 1009 zoom
  27. 1014 zoom?
  28. 1016 zoom?
  29. 1026 that’s a rather long leg, doesn’t feel right
  30. 1027 shouldn’t there be a character there
  31. 1035 no reaction shot on Teresa
  32. 1047 zoom
  33. 1054 zoom
  34. 1109 zoom
  35. 1129 zoom
  36. 1207 zoom
  37. 1214 zoom
  38. 1249 zoom
  39. 1306 panning over art
  40. 1329 black void
  41. 1339 zoom
  42. 1427 I think that pillar is a “Misato’s beer can”
  43. 1428 zoom?
  44. 1523 you can hear someone walking off screen
  45. 1531 still think the pillar is a “Misato’s beer can”
  46. 1537 zoom?
  47. 1552 zoom
  48. 1647 zoom
  49. 1702 zoom
  50. 1711 zoom
  51. 1823 zoom (panties!)
  52. 1911 zoom/animation hold
  53. 1924 no animation for the heavy breathing
  54. 1939 I think that table is a “Misato’s beer can”
  55. 1942 re-using art to hide something
  56. 1959 zoom
  57. 2012 zoom
  58. 2018 would not be surprised to see more
  59. 2028 black void on gore/nudity
  60. 2030 black void on nudity
  61. 2041 black void
  62. 2045 black void/re-using animation(edit?)
  63. 2055 no lip flapping
  64. 2313 not an edit – manual breast pump

I think I missed a few zooms and maybe some filler shots, but still, ouch.  A bit of news, CoalGuys has dropped the censored version do to various reasons (one being koda/gg drama) so I’ll have to figure out a good raw source to continue with.  Also I’ll start comparing the censored versions to the Director’s cut versions and see how much I got right starting I’d say tomorrow, maybe, or when ever I fell like it really.  Anyways back to Zeta Gundam, F***-ya

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