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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 3 edit notes


And now for episode 3 edits.  Not much here really, but next will be episode 4.  That’s going to be fun.  Well let’s get this done shall we?

Eps 3 (standard)

0140 zoom
0150 zoom
0610 they stop the pan short I think
0944 background art, not sure if it’s an edit
0949 zoom
0952 zoom
1206 extra steam
1221 zoom
1225 extra steam
1240 extra steam (do her boobs float?)
1302 weird transition
1309 no animation/mouth flapping for sounds
1313 wouldn’t be surprised if this is used for filler
1325 zoom
1333 zoom
1601 no animation matched to sound
2016 the place has already been established, don’t need a second establishing shot
2127 would not be surprised to see more

Probably more edits during the bath scene and when Mafuyu and Tomo run out to check on Sasha on the couch.

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