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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 2 edit notes

Ya, that's right the use it three time


So now for next installment of Seikon no Qwaser edits.  I don’t know if I’m getting better at this or I’m over-analyzing the animation but there are a lot of edits in this episode.  Not as much as four I bet, but still a lot more then the previous episode.  Also they use the above piece of art to hide the naughty bits three times during the fight scene.

0252 So, when did Tomo get sick? That’s kind of a sudden development for a main character (hmm, I do wonder)
0548 I would not be surprised if there is more to this shot
0558 and this one
0701 continuity error – Tomo’s PJs were showing more of her cleavage earlier, now it’s button up to the base of her neck.
0941 hmm, guessing that was supposed to be something
1005 miss-colored water (aka steam) to hide the naughty bits
1007 marginal zoom
1033 extra couch to hid Mafuyu’s butt
1100 possible zoom (line art is a bit blurry but not enough to say for certain.
1109 do we still need an exterior establishing shot now?  Smells fishy
1211 why is Mafuyu off screen when she speaks?  And you can hear her running
1222 single frame (night sky)
1223 zoom
1228 single frame while character speaks
1238 I bet the camera pans a little more to the right in the Directors cut
1306 zoom to hide Mafuyu in her undies
1414 zoom
1432 wouldn’t be surprised to see more in this shot, but nothing noticeable
1458 that’s unusual, character speaking off screen but maybe over analyzing
1531 marginal zoom
1545 where’s Mafuyu in the shot?  Also seems rather boring kind of shot for a fight
1556 zoom
1602 marginal zoom
1612 and panning over art to hide the “powering up”
1626 panning over random art (I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, maybe supposed to be a cross)
1629 silent screams/moans or something
1636 using same art from 1626
1644 zoom
1654 pan is kind of slow, can’t tell if there is zoom at work as well (the only point of reference I have is the back of Sasha’s head and that could be just out of focus, if they felt like it)
1656 zoom
1725 again with 1626 (also the previous two shots feel off, but since the first one had Sasha’s scar animated I can’t say for sure)
1745 I think the purple clothing is added after the fact
1747 I think they are using the previous shots art as filler, which works when they use it for the next bit of animation at the end
1808 why the focus on the moon?
1817 random shot of the sky when the enemy “blocks” (can’t tell what actually happened)
1822 no animation (I would expect ether seeing the of blocked iron to be shown falling, or panning up on the enemy from the iron on the ground)
1829 Kind of boring fire, feels awkward
1847 would not surprise me if there is more blood
1852 zoom
1901 pan feels halted
1908 camera hold(?)
1913 zoom(?)
1914 zoom(?)
1932 zoom
1957 zoom

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