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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 6 edit notes


And time once again for Seikon no Qwaser, bringing the best in post-production editing.  And in this episode some random Russian mafia/ex-military goons appear.  And by the way, ya, that’s a corner of a toilet in the screen shot

Eps 6 (standard)

0046 no edit – just done that way to suggest

0101 zoom

0352 not an edit – Serbian nun who does Japanese styled breakfast?

0703 not an edit – That’s not quite right man

0745 not an edit – the nose bleed is almost artistic

0950 single frame and zoom, my oh my, whatever is she doing?

0952 panning over copper puppet, why they’re using it, convince I think

1000 possible zoom

1017 more zoom plus re-using shot (or was the first time a the re-using shot), animation cuts at the very end, and is it me or is that shot just kind of awkward

1019 panning over exterior shot

1021 cont.

1207 man these guys are comical almost, and what’s with that AK on the right upper, wait, what the, the AK on the left upper portion is way off design


1221 not an edit – and they apparently can’t draw an AK at any angle, at least the magazine is where it should be

1411 not an edit – man, that’s just not right

1421 not an edit – man is everyone a bloody ninja, or are they just too lazy to animate him walking?

1422 animation pause/hold

1614 zoom/hold on shot, also I’m getting the feeling we are missing a bit of the stripping

1632 zoom

1650 zoom

1658 can’t tell if this shot is intended as dramatic pause or edit for filler,

1703 silent moaning(?)

1712 no animation (smoke) – I guess he isn’t really smoking, just holding a lit cigarette

1716 ah the classic mahou shoujo transformation editing, black silhouettes (or other color/s) with sparkly lights flashing.  Kind of betting there’s more in the Director’s cut.

1723 lens flare

1822 quick transition to black detail-list silhouettes of characters and then smash to white

1826 lens flare and black silhouettes of chucks of meat

1904 continuity error – didn’t the puppets top just fly off from the bottom to attack?

2034 not an edit, maybe – is it me or does her boobs look smaller then they should, oh, hey nudity

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