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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 1 edit notes


Time for the first episode edits I caught on Seikon no Qwaser and other random notes at the time.  Please note that I have already seen the first episode un-edited, but I tried to approach it as if I haven’t until the end were most of the fun fan-service happens.  Once again times are rough and based on the CoalGuys fan-sub.  Oh a note as to why I don’t post more screen-caps.  Most of the edits are just panning over still frames, awakened post-production zooms, or a combination of both.  Anyway…

Eps 1 (standard)

0011 not an edit – Teat candle!

0052 (?)Silent screams

0440 not an edit – Wow that’s some bounce

0451 Are they pausing on that for reason?

0920 Camera freeze

0947 panning over background art

0951 more panning over background art

0955 up panning over background art

1156 I wonder if there’s more detailed stuff there

1216 Camera shaking over still frame of background art

1234 Camera shaking over still frame of assailant’s face

1242 camera zoom

1450 no animation/still frame

1512 panning over background art

1520 camera zoom, continuity error-Mifuyu’s cloths aren’t ripped

1532 awkward camera work-camera speeds up when panning up on Theresa

1534 camera zoom

1538 camera pan

1543 possible edit-no animation on character, panning, slightly fuzzy picture, lens flare

1547 no animation on character(s), panning, lens flare

1551 cut ends very quickly, kind of looks like enemy has been moved over a little

1555/1608 panning on background art

2023 oro, shouldn’t that girl be on the ground? (I already know what’s suppose to be in that shot)

2026 camera zoom (not as fuzzy as normal)

2056 long reaction shot on Mifuyu (from what I saw of the un-edited episode they do a lot during this scene)

2136 long camera hold on character

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