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Oppai no Qwaser Eps 5 edit notes

edit at 1708

I have only started writing down the edit notes with episode five, so that’s what I’ll start with.  Also mixed in are observations on the animation quietly which has dropped quiet a bit.  Times are rough guesses to the shot (i.e. it’s a guess based on the time I pause when I see the edit) and are based on the CoalGuys fan-sub.

Eps 5 (standard)

0820 what’s under her skirt? Or what isn’t? (no I don’t really want to know)

1051 close up/zoom in

1056 no animation – camera shaking over still frame, padding

1150 blurring over clothing

1319 not an edit but spider senses tingling

1335 camera seems off, marginal zoom

1421 zoom in/pan on still frame

1427 camera hold on character for a little long then expected, not sure if it’s an edit oh just padding for time

1447 continuity error, enemy was originally holding Tomo with his left arm, when Teresa charges he has switched arms and caught Teresa with left

1658 lens flare

1703 lens flare + zoom

1705 huh, that’s a weird transition

1708 lens flare and some weird transition

1855 where does all that blood come from

2027 weird mouth flapping, they were all flapping their mouth

2313 single frame

What happened to the breast pump?  It was in the episode 4 preview, must be during the episode re-cape

Thanks to LonE for the title (I stole it from their IRC topic listing for the OP file)

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