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Kara no Kyoukai 7: Murder Speculation (Part 2)

So to finish my posts on Kara no Kyoukai ending with the Seventh addition, Satsujin Kousatsu (Part two)/Murder Speculation Part two, to the series for now.  The whole series was a blast and blew me away when I first saw them to the point that I’ve watched them several times within weeks of each other.  Not many shows, movies or other forms of entertainment can do that and this series has for me.

The seventh movie is one of the best for the series for me, even if I have a problem with the whole “you can only murder someone once in your life” mentality and “don’t kill Lio” thing but I’ll get into that later.

Some fun little things I picked up on during watching the movie: 1. Shiki remembers meeting Mikiya before high school entrance ceremony at the beginning of the movie 2. she really has lighten up since waking up from the coma 3. There are still birds on one of the TVs at Touko’s place 4. Broad Bridge is still twisted from Shiki vs. Fujino fight (that would be a nightmare to clean up after) 5. SHIKI should have seen Lio when she(he) left Mikiya at restraint in the second movie, whether or not SHIKI would recognize him out of a group of faces is probable not likely though.

One of the biggest things I was look for in this movie was who was the murder from the first part and you know what, my guess was right on the money, Rio/Lio Shirazumi.  And if your scratching your head as to why someone who hasn’t read all of the book(s) yet knew who it was before going into the seventh movie, the answer is simple, but rather hidden in the first part.  First clue is actually in the sixth movie though, during the epilogue when Araya talks to a teenager who had just killed and started to consume his victim to hide the evidence.  In 4’s epilogue he is shown with Fujino and Kiria so I had assumed that he was turned on around the same time but this was not the case.  In the second movie there are several clues here and there in the film to point to someone other than Shiki being the homicidal maniac.  The first clue is when a young man walks in front of the camera from an alleyway with similar hair cut to Lio right before a truck comes by and splashes the blood that has pooled by the street on a vending machine.  The next one is after Shiki picks out her signature red leather jacket the next scene is of the next victim running from the murderer.  When the murderer raises his knife to stab down the sleeve is pitch black.  The next shot is of the class room focused on Shiki’s new red leather jacket.  The last major clue is when Mikiya runs off for the Ryougi house.  After he walks back from talking to Akitaka he meets with an un-specified person and heads back to see if the lights in Shiki’s room are on, this is when we see Shiki standing over a beheaded corpse spraying a fountain of blood (a bit over the top but makes for nice imagery).  The unspecified person is Lio who has been stalking Shiki.  All these little clues plus a few more in the 2nd movie pointed me to a character who never is really introduced but makes a few appearances in the movie, Lio Shirazumi, Shiki and Mikiya’s upper classman who dropped out of school “to do something he liked”.

As for my thoughts on the whole you can only murder once in your life thing.  At the time of the final showdown between Lio and Shiki, Lio has already pretty much lost himself and is easily classified as abnormal who has murdered and massacred several people.  The logic that Araya doesn’t count as being murder also doesn’t really make sense if Lio is still considered human. It’s like saying that at a certain point someone with a lot of unusual power is no longer human and I just feel it should also apply to Lio.  But all in all, I still very much enjoy the movie.

My hat is off for ufotable for the excellent animation.  When Shiki jumped off one of the Fujio building after the ghost Kirie and skids to a stop with a spray of collected rain water on the next roof made my heart skip a beat.  Another tip of the hat to Yuki Kajiro for composing the soundtrack and recruiting the talent for Kalafina.  Yuki Kajiro is a pretty good composer in my opinion, albeit with some average songs for some shows, but this sound track is probably her best to date for me.  And one more tip of the hat to Takashi Takeuchi and Kinoko Nasu for the original novels that started them to form TYPE-MOON.

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