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Kara no Kyoukai 4-6 (Rewatch #5?)

Crap, that guy at the end of six who’s eating his victim is muted when he says his name at the end.  All I know is his name has something close to “Lion” in it.  Oh well I’m still 60% sure you see the guy in the 2nd movie.

Lets see if I can pull off some structure this time with notes.

4. Garan no Dou/The Hollow Shrine- four is the more entertaining back-story episodes for me, the other one is movie two.  When I first watched it they used the term aphasia, or word salad, which I looked up later, came up.  The reason I bring this up is because about a week or two later Battlestar Galatica season 4 (Sci-Fi Channel) used the word after a character gets a bullet in his brain, and I knew what they were saying instantly without the exposition because of the line from KnK 4 (and having to look it up).  On a random side note is Araya’s name crops up when some nurses where gabing about Touko replacing a Araya-sensei.  Don’t know if it is Araya Souren, someone with name of Araya, or a fake name Touko used to get access to Shiki while shes in the hospital, or I’m just over annaielizing it.

5. Mujun Rasen/Spiral Paradox- So far this is the best out of the six so far in the series for me.  A lot of it has to do with how  well they pulled off the multiple points of veiw for the story telling.  Also a fair bit of interesting action takes place in this one as well and the music keeps up with it as well.  It also finally introduces Araya Souren, the one who is giving/unlocking the powers of Fujino, Asagami,  and that guy at the end of six, and gives a hint as to why Shiki had been hospitalized two years ago (or is it three by this time?).  Also Touko actually does some of the fighting, and I have to say she’s kind of scary, in an awesome way.  And it’s also interesting to note that Touko used the line we humans, referring to her self as well, when talking to Alba.  Most of the time in TYPE-MOON stories, when Magus are talking they don’t refer to them self’s as human, believing them selves to be higher then mere humans, which gives a little bit of insight to Touko (or so I think).  More fun little points are Touko trying to use pop-a-point pencils as part of explaining something and Mikiya had no clue as to what they were.  The fights were a real joy to watch and having Araya’s “rocket arm” sliced up like a carrot was a nice touch.  One minor point I have a problem with is the amount of dust that puffs up after Shiki lands the killing blow on Araya, but that could just be the building collapsing.  The ending theme song sprinter has a special place in my heart and every time so far watching it after the first time I have sung along with the karaoke during the credits, badly more then likely.

Oh, and at 1:52:30 or so, tsun tsun

6. Boukyaku Rokuon/Oblivion Recording- This one is more about developing Azaka, Mikiya’s little sister, then about Shiki and Mikiya and just isn’t quite as interesting as the rest for me, but still good all in all.  A fun little side note about Azaka’s character design when she’s younger is she looks a bit like Rin from Fate/stay Night.  A wierd part of the dialog though is thought out the movie it sounds like one of the girls at Azaka’s school had died, but they never really say she died.  Don’t know if this is a problem with the translation or the original script.  But then again you see Asagami Fujino alive and kicking in a shot at Azaka’s school, albeit walking around with a cane.

And for the record, drop-kicking a ethereal flower familiar is total win in my book.

Well only a day or two till the 7th and final movie is subbed.  Till then I’ll be “reading*” Kara no Kyoukai: New Border till then and other things.

*Kara no Kyoukai: New Border is a 4-koma gag comic collections based on the movies and is in Japanese, my Japanese is horrible, horrendous and awful but you don’t really need it to read a 4-koma comics anyway

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