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Kara no Kyoukai 1-3 (Rewatch #5?*)

Re-watching Kara no Kyoukai movies today and tomorrow in anticipation for movie seven which came out on DVD in Japan Wed.  It’s  interesting to see the second movie after watching the 6th sometime  ago because I noticed a character who looks like someone who appears in the epilogue of sixth movie that Araya Souren “fixes”.  Well tomorrow I’ll see if my conclusion is right (keep in mind I haven’t read the book(s)). 

If my conclusion is correct it’ll kind of give away part of seven for me but the thought is already half way there so eh.  Also a fun note is Araya Souren’s name crops up in movie three (probably saw that already but re-noticed stuff counts for posting matairal) and how Shiki’s age looks between the 1st and 3rd (set in 1999) movies compared to the 2nd movie (1995/96) (also noticed that earlier but re-noticed again and just kind of going “can I do that too?”)

Other KnK news is I managed to snag a Kara no Kyoukai calender off of J-List.  I didn’t get a good chance to look at it yet but it has a lot of the art for the DVD special edition box sets that are f-ing amazing.  Unfortunately I forgot it up at a friends place that I dog/cat/house sit for last week.  But I’ll be doing that again over Christmas so I figure I’ll have it flattened (J-List shipped it in a tube, sigh, but understandable) out by January.

Oh and Del Ray, I’m looking at you, where are the book(s) eh?  I’m hoping this is a sign that someone has licensed the movies but need to wait till it’s all out on DVD to announce they got it (i.e. stupid Japanese license rules) and Del Ray is waiting for the movies to come out so it’ll have a double impact or something (You see it with movies all the time, usually they reprint the books with cover art using the movie(s)).  “But movie seven is out and no word?”, there’s the epilogue still which is going straight to DVD, and I don’t know when that comes out.  And one final thought, if they release them individual (more then likely) I hope they do a special editions (not as likely, sigh) and trough in the soundtrack, Yuki Kajiuro did a standout job this time around and Kalafina, specifically sprinter is one of the most awesome songs of all time for me (current play count in iTunes-440 441, next is oblivious and ARIA also by Kalafina, then Waiting so Long by the Silver Fins from Berserk (TV) and replica by Yoko Kanno and Gabriela Robin from GitS:SAC:SSS (Movie)).

*Yes, it’s just that good I’ve watched them collectively (sans six) about five or six times.  9/10 for 1,2,3,4,6, 10/10 for 5 because it is pure awesome.

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