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Stuff to do-1

Happy post turkyday.  Just letting you know I’m not dead yet.
Just finished the first half of Tears to Tiara released by the company formally known as ADV.  Good show, or at least descent with nice animation.

Re-watching Sumomomo Momomo (I think that’s enough mo’s), one of the few fighting* shows I like.  Just downloaded the OPs and EDs for it so I’m going to listen to that for a while.

Read the first volume of Kamisama Kasoku.  Not bad.

Watched Wings of Honneamise, I can kind of get why it flopped the first round but it’s pretty nice re-imagining of the space race (I grew up watching The Right Stuff).

Oh, maybe I should write up Grenadier while I’m at it too.  She uses her revolver in both single action and double action, I guess you could fan a double action but what ever, I never shot a revolver and my knowledge does have it’s limits.

Just a heads up on what I’m doing other then playing SpcOps on CoD:MW2.

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